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Fan Focus - Newcastle United (H) Post-Match Views

To have the final word on our derby draw with Newcastle, we have a little chat with XFM DJ and star of top podcast "The Football Ramble", Mr Pete Donaldson to get his views on how things went from the Newcastle side of things...

So, honours even at the Stadium of Light, although it would seem the only thing 'even' was the scoreline, we barely deserved anything. How did you see it?

Pete: I thought we both had our chances - thought Harper's save was the pick of the bunch since it was through an almighty stack of players. All in all, I think most Toon fans would have taken 1-1 at the start.

How sickening was the equaliser from Asamoah Gyan, having dominated most the 2nd half?

Pete: He's always gonna be dangerous - we seemed hell bent on trying to play the offside all match, and it was no surprise that there was nobody near Asamoah when he titted it in...

Despite missing Tiote, Carroll & Taylor, NUFC gave quite a decent account of themselves. Confident of solidifying mid-table when they return?

Pete: Yeah, I think so. We are finding it hard to take our chances without Jagerbomb fan Andy Carroll, but any team would miss him. Genuinely thought Shola was gonna score yesterday, and I guess he was one dubious goals panel away from being able to claim yesterday's.

Point won or two lost?

Pete: Point won, I think. Our back four had a bit to do - If only Enrique had lifted the ball over to Best for 2-0, it could have been a different story...

Couple of weeks left in the transfer window, who should NUFC be taking a look at, within reason?

Pete: Buying players in January is always a bit silly for my money. And Mike Ashley's. Maybe a cheeky loan here or there can sometimes work, but it's always a sign of desperation. That said, we could do with someone on the right who can put in a cross here and there, and decent cover for Carroll. "So get your hands in your pocketz, Not-exactly-the-Cockney-Mafia!!!11LOLROFL"

From our side of things, I suppose a positive is getting points when you play badly always helps (to use an old cliche). Where do you see SAFC's season going from this?

Pete: They'll be fine, I'm sure - I still don't think a top 7 finish is out of their reach- as long as Gyan gets a bit more service.

Any SAFC players who had a decent game?

Pete: Genuinely thought Bent had Colloccini on the back foot numerous times (can you tell I like him?). Colly didn't always have the pace to keep up.

Brucey didn't get to play his special song. What song would sum up this derby day for you?

Pete: Silly Steve. I know he got caught up in the moment, but his little dance for a lucky draw discredits him and his team's achievements for me. Hmmmn... Placebo with Bruce Pristine?

You can subscribe to the Football Ramble podcast on iTunes now! For FREE!... Also why not follow Pete and the boys on Twitter @footballramble ...And if you have Sky+, Mr Donaldson was on ESPN's Talk Of The Terrace yesterday, so check that out!

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