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Darr£n B£nt Buzzword Bingo

Darren Bent has finally left SAFC. There’s nothing we can do about it now except thank him for the goals he scored us, and some of the performances put in.

His decision to hand in repeated transfer requests though has left a somewhat bitter taste in the mouths of some Sunderland fans, especially as a player who until the last few days, seemed to show a lot of pride in the club, himself, and the area.

Was there ever a reason we should have believed him or is he much like every other player in the modern game with pound signs for eyes?

His comments upon joining Villa raised some eyebrows at Roker Report, and made me wonder... "Where have I heard this before?"

Bent on Villa: (Villa Offical Site)
"Aston Villa is a massive football club and as soon as I knew they were interested in signing me I wanted to join,"

Bent on SAFC: (Guardian, Oct 2010)
"As soon as Sunderland came in for me I knew I wanted to go. They are a massive club with a passionate following"

Almost line for line repeat. Highly original Darren.

Bent on Villa: (Villa Official Site)
"The size of the football club and the history of the club are major reasons for me coming here"

Bent on SAFC: (Interview with
"Just the passion of the fans, and a manger of Steve Bruce’s pedigree made me want to come"

Ok, so not quite so clear cut. However in footballer speak, ‘Passion of fans’ and ‘history of the club’ are both nice little throwaway lines which mean very little to a player.

Bent on Villa: (Villa Official Site)
"There are some top, top players here too, real quality, and I've been able to speak to the manager and the chairman about their ambitions for the club, so I'm very excited about being a part of what we hope to achieve."

Bent on SAFC: (Interview with
"Theres some top players at the club, they’re young and English so there’s no reason why we can’t aim for Europe. Steve Bruce’s pedigree made me want to come. He said about where he wants the club to finish this season, as soon as he told me I jumped on board and wanted to be part of it soon as possible"

Top players? – Check... Mention of ambitions? – Check... Expressing excitement? – Check.

"Footballer talks complete bollocks to appease fans" might not be the catchiest headline ever, but it certainly is true Ladies & Gents. Let us not be suckered in when the next signing comes in and mentions anything about "wanting to become a Sunderland legend" or self styles himself as "The Truth."

Looks like we will never know "The Truth" in any respective meaning.

Keep the faith. Players come and go, SAFC will always be there.

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