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We Want You!

Roker Report will soon be expanding our website and becoming bigger and better. We will soon be transferring to SB Nation, more about them to come, but for now, we want to you to help us out! Read on...

Who We Want...

I started this blog, and have seen it grow before my very eyes and an incredible rate, to the point where I require some extra talent!

I'm just a fan like you, I've never worked in a journalistic capacity before, so the person we are looking for doesn't have to either. If you do, that would be superb, but any SAFC fan with a half-decent grasp of English will do.

What Will You Get Out Of It?

Well, as mentioned, we're moving to a much bigger and better ground. Think of Wordpress as Roker Park, SB Nation is the Stadium Of Light.

SB Nation are currently ranked amongst the top 10 sports websites IN THE WORLD, and their next major move is to conquer football and the Premier League in 2011/12, aiming to be in the Top 5 sites by the end of 2011. We want to become a huge part of that, and you could join us.

Roker Report currently stands at over 26,000 hits in our short existence (less than a month and a half). At the moment I consider less than 200 hits a very bad day on the blog. We've varied from lows of that amount, to highs of over 3000 per day.

When we move, we're going to be recieving a lot more attention, and you could see your work, not only featured on one of the top sports websites in the world, but seen by a hell of a lot of people daily.

Theres no money in it, ask any even the biggest blogs. It's purely a labour of love, but it's a fantastic opportunity for someone who wishes to get their writing noticed and published. And of course, should the time ever arise, you'd get a glowing reference from myself and SB Nation.

What Will You Have To Do?

At Roker Report, we have a loose schedule, but that will be set in stone pretty soon. We're aiming for:


Where I say 'Feature' it could be anything. See our interviews with Danny Dichio, Michael Gray or my musings and issues with Kieran Richardson. If you've got an opinion on something SAFC related, and can be rational, balanced and devoid of OTT swearing etc, then it could be you that has your work featured. No matter what it is.

A couple of things I will stress is though are a) We're pro-SAFC, no anti-whoever vendettas, even the Mags. No wind-ups that go beyond light baiting. And b) Keep articles interesting - I've started and given up on lots of things as I've got bored half-way through. If you're bored writing it, people will be bored reading it. We want to keep things interesting for the readers and present new information and new slants on things.

We want someone, or maybe even two people, who can collectively add to the site 3-4 articles per week. That might sound a lot, but bear in mind we are currently a one man band. I'm writing/have written 99% of everything on this site, as well as working 35-40 hours per week at my day job. So it's not as much as you would think. A perfect role for anyone with a passion for SAFC & writing.

If you're good, and I'm only gonna select people who are, then further opportunities will be available and regular features as well as responsibilities given. We've got big plans for the future.

The Checklist...

If you feel you hit all the following points, then get in touch with us!

  • Passionate about SAFC
  • Can commit to writing 1 or 2 articles per week, every week
  • Has a good grasp of English
  • Will maintain (or better) the quality of Roker Report
  • Will help establish Roker Report as the best, and most read SAFC blog on the internet
  • Will be dedicated to writing for us, and staying for the longhaul. Blogging is a tough task, so someone who can stick it out is needed.

So, thats it really. If you have any questions, or wish to actually put your name in the hat. Send an email to - including why you think you should get it, what you will bring to the table, your history of supporting SAFC, and anything else to support your application!

There's no hard and fast deadline for when to apply, just when the stream of emailed applications tails off, or I find a couple of you who are the right fit, then the doors will be shut.

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Like I said, don't hesitate to get in touch or ask me anything you wish to know.

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