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Vote for us in The Shorty Awards!

We've just found out about something called The Shorty Awards. Awards given for people on Twitter who are nice, helpful and informative.

In the short space of time Roker Report has been in existence, we've garnered nearly 300 followers on Twitter, so if they all placed just 1 vote, Roker Report would be top of the leaderboard!

Now, while we're primarily a blog, and not a Twitter Feed, we like to think that we do good work on Twitter. We try and bring news, we tell you about our articles, we #FollowFriday as many people as we can, and always, always try and answer your questions and comments! We're a nice little community I think.

Look who's up there now in the Sports section? The likes of Xabi Alonso, Some bloke from Flamengo and some Scousers. When was the last time they answered you back, #FF'd you or gave you some top notch SAFC related articles?

So if you would like to show us some love, head on over to the following address and vote for us. It's really quick and simple to do, and you can do it as many times as you like, so what you got to lose?

Even if we don't manage to win, thank you to each and every person who does vote, and everyone who has helped make the blog a success so far!

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