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Fan Focus - Aston Villa (A) Post-Match Views

As we do on Fan Focus, we don't just give you the oppositions verdict before the match, we get it afterwards too. We caught up with Damian Dugdale of to get his thoughts on SAFC's 1-0 triumph at Villa Park...

What was your view of the game? I thought Villa had the best of the first half, but us the second half, and it always looked like one goal would win it.

Damian: It was a fairly inept performance from us. We basically didn't look like we really wanted it until the clock was running down. Had we played the first 85 minutes like we played the last five, we would have scored three or four and at this level, you've got to do that.

What's your view on Heskey's sending-off? He had to go by the letter of the law didn't he?

Damian: He had to go and he knew it was going to happen. I'm not saying he did it on purpose, but he's been doing this for 16 years - he knew what was going to happen the second he raised his hand.

Whilst on Heskey, that miss... Did you think at that point it wasn't going to be your night? He missed a few sitters at our place too.

Damian: It was our best opportunity but the ball did come to him late or he was too quick. I actually think he did okay to get the shot off and if everything happened a yard forward, it'd have gone in.

Houllier's now talking about being in the relegation battle. You said previously that you're "too good to go down"... Do you still believe that?

Damian: Houllier shouldn't be using that word. The fact is, two wins and we could be top half of the table and yes, we are too good to go down. The manager will be making signings very soon and once he has players in playing for him, it will make a difference. We have too many players that are just at Villa to pick up a very large cheque each month. It is wrong, but the game is wrong these days.

Downing on the right was a puzzler, and Villa looked the most dangerous when they went to 10 and forced him back on the left. Why wasn't that change made earlier?

Damian: I agree - I don't understand it and it's made worse when Gabby is probably better on the right if he has to play in midfield. Downing drives better on the left.

Who impressed you from the SAFC side of things?

Damian: I don't mean to sound disrespectful but nobody really stood out last night from either side.

Where do you think our two clubs will finish this season?

Damian: You'll do well, definitely top half and so will we. Top half for both of us.

Be sure to check back on Roker Report as we build-up to the FA Cup Third Round on Saturday!

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