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Fan Focus - Man United (A) Post-Match Views

Having been comprehensively beaten by United, there wasn't much I could really say about the game other than the best team won. At a canter. Still though, I found time to chat with Steven Williams and see what he thought of the game.

So, pretty easy one for United. I'm disappointed we didn't make more of a game of it. I bet you're delighted with the points though?

Steven: Yes, I'm afraid it was a bit of a run of the mill 3 points, after the first goal went in I felt that your boys never really felt they could get back in the game, but also having a continually selected back 4 is really paying off for us, and I'd like to think we have one of the most solid defensive partnerships in the league. Hopefully both teams can kick on from here and achieve their respective goals.

Listening to the radio at the moment people are raving about Anderson. Personally I saw Giggs or Berbatov as your Man Of The Match. What's your opinion?

Steven: They are definitely my 3 picks of the match. Giggs was outstanding coming in-field and also linking up on the wing, he provides that cutting edge, just like Scholes would if he was there. As for Berbatov, the ball just sticks to him. Very differently to the way it sticks to Messi or Ronaldo, so its easy to not appreciate what he brings to the team. I have to say though, I agree with the fans on the radio about this one. Anderson was magnificent and its not easy to try and outshine Henderson in the middle of the park. As soon as he came off the field, I started to worry about you getting back in the game, he really controlled everything, and it's in stark contrast to how he was before this season (maybe thats why we notice him so much more).

What impression of Sunderland did you get today? We wern't at our best in all honesty.

Steven: As a man who watches a lot of football, it's quite clear to see that, that wasn't the normal Sunderland, every good progressing team needs these slight blips like yesterday and at Newcastle (sorry for mentioning) to allow them to come back stronger, and bounce back is exactly what I think you will do. I think Bruce is a top manager, and he will sit the boys down and tell them to forget this, move on and keep pushing for a European spot because thats exactly what this team is capable of.

Where do you see us finishing in the league?

Steven: Elaborating the previous point, I firmly believe you can take a European spot. I'd imagine that Steve Bruce will have targets in mind for January, but I dont think you need any wholesale changes to compete at the top, maybe some tweaks here and there.

Has your opinion of SAFC changed in the wake of this game? Did we surprise you in anyway?

Steven: I wouldn't really form an opinion based on one game. You have won some fantastic unexpected points this season, Bruce will of set his points target for the season and I'd imagine he's still on course for those points, with the results like the one at Chelsea, probably classed as 'unexpected' points. As I keep one eye on all our loan players aswell, I think you missed Welbeck yesterday and, of course, he will now be back to play in the rest of your league games.

I find United fans to be amongst the most vocal and best in the league, but I felt they were upstaged by SAFC today. Possibly our only positive?

Steven: Your fans were very vocal today, and it makes for a great atmosphere in that kind of stadium, and you always have to love the "song banter" that flies back and forth at games. I think you can definitely take a positive from that and the knowledge that your supporters will still get right behind the team, even when the performance isn't of the highest standard that you have come to expect at Sunderland AFC.

Good luck for the rest of the season, and have a very Merry Xmas & New Year.

Steven: Same to you and enjoy Danny Welbeck whilst you can, haha.

Don't forget, you can follow Steven on Twitter @pickett2k

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