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Fan Focus - Blackpool (H) Pre-Match Views

From one seaside to another, Blackpool visit the Stadium of Light on Tuesday. I spoke with John Campbell of John's a season ticket holder at Bloomfield Road for over 15 years, and along with his Dad, follow the Tangerines all around the country. Here's what he had to say...

Blackpool's incredible start to the season. I'm sure you've been asked about it plenty, and I'm going to join that list. Pretty amazing, huh?

John: Yeah, it's been a great start to the season and an amazing past ten years, three play-off promotions, derby wins, two LDV vans wins, new stadium too. This season has just seen the momentum going and us playing even better football with even better players.

From the outside, I see everyone (unfairly) labels Blackpool as 'plucky' and they should be just happy to be here in the Premiership. Do you feel you belong here now?

John: Yes, you earn the right when you gain promotion from the Championship, as for staying in the Premiership it's all where we are at the end of the season. Our start so far is good, we just need to maintain it over the next few months as the games start to come thick and fast.

How do the fans feel about star man Charlie Adam's taking the club to court?

John: We know what our chairman’s like, he's a bit of a penny pincher so he was just looking to save money, Charlie wanted his money and the two has a disagreement. It's solved now and no problems. It's good the chairman’s a penny pincher as we've been in the black for many years seeing other clubs going into administration.

Ian Holloway has been refreshing for the game both on and off the pitch. Tell us what it's like having him as boss, and how much of the current success is down to him?

John: First and foremost he wants to play an attractive style of football which is entertaining and successful. It's not that he dislikes the style of play Stoke, Blackburn and Newcastle (they just lump it to Carroll) have its he thinks we can be more successful by playing it on the floor. You can't complain we play most matches with 5 attacking players, we don't really have a sitting midfielder and there's always goals in our games.

As for off the field he's brilliant, yes there's the joking and the quotes but he always speaks the truth, he normally comes out with what everyone else is thinking. The success is pretty much down to him, he had a very similar squad to the one Grayson had. Also anyone he's brought in has had positive impact, we've not had many poor signings which is another sign of a good manager.

Where do you feel Blackpool need to strengthen in January, and what sort of targets do you have in mind, if any?

John: If nobody leaves we should be ok with the current squad, however another midfielder and a striker would be great. We're also down to one keeper at the moment, Kingston with a kid on the bench. Gilks may not be fit for a while and might want to leave. Rachubka hasn't played for over half a year so is a risk. Apparently we've been looking at Alex Smithies from Huddersfield.

Holloways starting XI's have been mixed to say the least this season, can you predict what it will be like on Tuesday, and what if anything would you do different?

John: If the Liverpool match is cancelled due to the cold weather Charlie Adam will still need to serve a one match ban. Vaughan and Cathcart have had knocks show we could have a few changes. If the Liverpool game goes ahead it would make sense to make a couple of changes maybe Matty Phillips coming in for Gary Taylor-Fletcher.

Who's the weakest link in the Blackpool team Sunderland could look to exploit?

John: Richard Kingston has been great so far with shot stopping but hasn't looked great from some crosses. However he kept a clean sheet at Stoke, with one dodgy moment when he was pushed on the line and Rory Delap scored, luckily a foul was given.

Who from SAFC are you most concerned about, who could give you a bit of bother?

John: Gyan and Bent upfront have looked good. Also Zenden when he's come on for the 2nd half of matches. The pace of the front two really worry me, Cathcart can keep up with the face but Evatt can often get caught out if he goes out of position.

What do you make of Sunderland this season?

John: Some mixed results, great at Chelsea but then awful in the derby game. It's great to see an attacking side put out with Welbeck getting forward from the wing.

And finally... Give me your predictions for the game!

John: I'm hoping for a point. 2-2 sounds like a good match.

You can also follow John on Twitter @blackpoolfcblog

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