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Roker Report Link Up With 'Proper Fan'

Roker Report is pleased to announce its first link up with another company - Proper Fan.

What is Proper Fan? Well it's an App you can download for your iPhone, which combines Social Networking with Football.

At time of writing (21/12/10), the app is FREE on iTunes so you've no excuse not to get it, and after that will be a snip at £1.79. What's that? Barely even a Bovril or Prawn Sandwich depending on your seating arrangements.

What can you do with Proper Fan? Well let me tell you.

• It's fully integrated with Twitter & Facebook to allow you to tell your Footy mates your status. "I'm watching SAFC batter NUFC!"... "I want to have John Mensah's babies!"... "Andy Carroll just punched my missus!"... so many things you can say.

• You can also 'check-in' at every ground in the UK, so people know you're REALLY at the match, and not just watching it on some Romanian Internet Feed.

• Compete against your friends to see who the most Uber-fan is, who's been to the most matches, grounds etc this season.

• Down away at Grimsby for the first time and don't know where's good for a pint? Proper Fan can tell you with its on the go Away Team guide.

• Had one too many pints and need a taxi back to the hotel? Proper fan has all the local numbers where ever you are.

And of course, there's a full media centre for each team in the UK, with Blogs, Websites, and local information. If you head on over to the Sunderland page/area, you'll find us there, listed under Blogs.

So I implore you to check it out. Its well worth it. Proper App, for Proper Fans. Get it now!...

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