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Fan Focus - Fulham (A) Post-Match Views

Following on from the earlier item in Fan Focus, I caught up with Fulham fans Mitchell Moth & Russell Goldman to get their thoughts on the game. Here's what they had to say...

Well, that was a scrappy affair. I think most SAFC fans see it as a point gained rather than 2 dropped. How do Fulham feel?

Mitchell: It was two lost as we needed a win today. We can't fault anyone but ourselves and we can't blame Sunderland for holding out for a draw at the end. We went for it in the last twenty, but lacked any quality in your half.

Russell: I can only speak for myself, but I felt this was a game Fulham really needed. A point is not good enough as we get almost halfway into the season. This was a lost opportunity for Fulham.

Another draw for Hughes and Fulham just above the drop-zone... Do the fans turn on him now?

Mitchell: I wasn't behind him before this game and I'm certainly not any more supportive now. I'll always support give the team 100% during the 90 minutes, but Hughes doesn't have my backing. Maybe he will turn it around, only time will tell, but I don't think he is the man for us.

Russell: I don't think this is about Hughes. It is about injuries and not having a deep enough squad at this point. Hughes in my opinion is not the problem. The players need to step up.

What changes need to be made to the Fulham team, and who are you wishing for in the January window?

Mitchell: I still think we need another left back if Briggs cannot step up the plate, although as Salcido is a Hughes signing I cannot see him being dropped. We need a physical target man with finishing ability to replace Zamora as I cannot see him back firing until next season. Murphy is a big player for us, but coming to the end of his career so a replacement centre midfielder who can create is a must.

Russell: Fulham need a striker and I think some help in central midfield. I am disappointed but not discouraged by Fulham's performance so far this season. I really think once Dembele and Zamora return Fulham will be fine. In the meantime they do need reinforcements in January.

I thought Clint Dempsey was Fulham’s Man of the Match, the only one likely to create anything in a poor match. Who impressed you from the Sunderland side of things?

Mitchell: No one really stood out, sorry. Henderson did OK, but looked lost on the right. I was impressed by Elmohamady when he came on at right back. Good pace and strength.

Russell: Onuoha I thought did a great job on defence. He really took care of the Fulham strikers on many occasions. Mignolet also did a solid job keeping a clean sheet.

The referee did fairly well in his first Premiership game. Any complaints?

Mitchell: Maybe someone should remind him not to blow the whistle as a team is about to cross into the box! Other than that he did Ok. I don't think his lino's helped him much, but at least he escaped any controversy.

Russell: I don't have any complaints from the referee. He did his job well.

All through the game I couldn’t hear much from the travelling SAFC fans, they did themselves proud don’t you think?

Mitchell: I'm never going to knock anyone’s away support when they make the effort to travel. We'd all love to do every away, but it's not financially possible for a lot of people with premiership prices anymore, so well done to those who did make it, especially with Xmas around the corner.

Where do you think Sunderland will finish in the league now?

Mitchell: Mid-table, pushing for 8/9/10th position.

Russell: I think Sunderland has the talent to be in the top 10. They will need to win games like this in the second half of the season to be in that position. I do believe that is where they will end up.

Thanks for the comments, and I hope we can do this again when our two teams meet next.

Don't forget, you can follow Russell on Twitter @Russ_Goldman, Mitchell can be found @mitchmoth, and of course our own Twitter Feed is @rokerreport

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