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SAFC 0-0 Fulham (A)

Well, this shouldn't take too long. What a truly awful match that was.

Gordon and Gyan failed to shake off their knocks sufficiently enough to start the game, meaning Mignolet started in goal and Richardson moves to the left to accommodate the returning David Meyler.

We can only assume Paraguayan Man Of Mystery, Christian Riveros has an injury, otherwise why rush Meyler back from injury? Especially as it was only a few weeks ago Bruce said he didn't anticipate Meyler returning until the new year.

I'm gonna skip to the second half as the first half was incredibly nondescript, just scrappy and a lack of cohesion from both sides. The game became more open, and Fulham looked livelier with the introduction of Andy Johnson for Kamara. This suited SAFC and we could attack a lot more. Bruce could smell blood and brough Gyan on, however BabyJet was largely ineffectual, however that could be said about any number of players on the pitch so I'm not going to single anyone out.

Urgh, what else can be said about this deathly dull game? Erm... Bent missed a great chance to put Gyan through, and in essence this was typical of SAFC's play today.

Oh yeah, an open letter to Phil Bardsley - Dear Phil, please can you tell us the last time you belted one in from 30 yards? As you do seem to fancy your chances from that range in crucial stages of games. Please stop it. Yours, Every single SAFC fan.


22 Mignolet - 7/10 - Flapped at several crosses in the 2nd half, but also on other occasions kept us in it.
15 Onouha - 7/10 - Defences on top, and played very well at centre-back.
05 Mensah - 8/10 - Solid as usual, nothing gets by him.
29 Ferdinand - 0/10 - Only played 10 minutes before straining himself yawning and coming off.
02 Bardsley - 6/10 - A very solid performance, points marked off for that free kick.
10 Henderson - 9/10 - Superb all over the pitch and most dangerous going forward.
06 Cattermole - 7/10 - Thought he played very well indeed. Strong tackles, and hardly gave the ball away.
03 Richardson - 5/10 - Started off ok on the left, but awful when moved inside. Needs dropping.
18 Meyler - 6/10 - Hustled well in midfield, but looked like a player who's been absent for 6 months.
17 Welbeck - 6/10 - Couldn't get into the game. Not all his fault, but offered little threat.
11 Bent - 5/10 - Poor. Missed chances, missed the chance to put others through. Needs a goal and a confidence boost.


27 Elmohamady - 7/10 - A crucial block in the second half, and linked up very well down the right with Henderson.
07 Zenden - 7/10 - Had a shot that whistled by the post. Looked classy, and should have bene on earlier.
33 Gyan - 5/10 - No shots of note, and rarely involved with play. All that could have changed if Bent could pass.

In other news, good job that fiver in my 'Roker Riches' section was only fictional, as I'd have lost the lot. As it is, I'll use the real thing to grab a beer and forget that awful performance.

A point gained on the balance of play, and SAFC move to sixth. Let's not get too despondent, things could be worse, we could have just appointed Alan Pardew as manager...

Keep the faith boys and girls.

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