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Decaying News and Aston Villa Preview

Lets get the decaying news out of the way first. In a last minute transfer before the 'window' closed, Lassana Di....ar......ra left Chelsea for the new ski, (Chelski is old hat now) so let's...

The Striker Pool

It is inevitable that as the transfer period winds down and the season draws near, the pool of talent shrinks. The Rossoneri are very familiar with this because last summer they waited until the...

Darr£n B£nt Buzzword Bingo

Darren Bent has finally left SAFC. There’s nothing we can do about it now except thank him for the goals he scored us, and some of the performances put in. His decision to hand in repeated transfer...

Darren Bent Hands In Transfer Request

Monday 17th January 2011. Whilst hungover heads disect a dismal draw with Newcastle the day before, Darren Bent stuns Sunderland, handing in a transfer request, and what looks like a sealed deal to...

Fan Focus - Aston Villa (A) Post-Match Views

As we do on Fan Focus, we don't just give you the oppositions verdict before the match, we get it afterwards too. We caught up with Damian Dugdale of thevillablog.co.uk to get his thoughts on...

SAFC 1-0 Aston Villa (A)

SAFC get the win against my pre-match expectations. Thank God for Emile Heskey... In what’s becoming a slightly common theme in recent SAFC matches, the opening 10-15 minutes were a scrappy...

Fan Focus - Aston Villa (A) Pre-Match Views

The subject of Fan Focus this week is Damian Dugdale, an Aston Villa blogger who can be found at www.thevillablog.co.uk. We asked him about Villa, Downing to SAFC rumors, Houllier's future and our...

Roker Riches - SAFC v Aston Villa (A) Betting Preview

Roker Riches has made a New Year’s Resolution. We're going to stop being crap at making betting suggestions. In an effort to make that happen, we've handed the reigns over to someone who knows more...

SAFC v Aston Villa (A) Preview

Both teams will be buoyed by the weekend results as Steve Bruce takes the lads for a midweek clash with 15th place Aston Villa. SAFC Team News After the convincing 3-0 win over Blackburn on New...


posted by Kirsten Seriously. W.T.F. We couldn't beat Sunderland. At home. Heskey got hurt. We brought in SIDWELL for Milner. Has MON just given up? Enjoy your Thursday night football, Villa. If you...

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