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European Scout Reviews Diego


Great article giving an assessment of Fagundez's strengths, weakness and potential. Overall this scout projects him to be a top starters on an EPL club with a projected transfer fee of $7-$12 million. Wow. Go Diego, Go.

Brazil-Portugal Preview: Neymar's Coming to Town

Brazil and Portugal are set to face off tomorrow night at Gillette Stadium in a historic friendly clash. Most of the big guns are here, though not Cristiano Ronaldo, who went back to Madrid....

Bosnia want to start packing for Brazil

Bosnia and Herzegovina currently top their Uefa qualifying group, and look to extend their lead over Greece with a win in Riga.

UEFA manager Patrick Glasser attends gay pride celebration at Euro 2012


UEFA's Patrick Glasser (middle) at gay pride party UEFA's Patrick Glasser, senior manager of football and social responsibility, attended a...

Soccer player Nicklas Bendtner fined $126,000 for wearing the wrong underwear


UEFA, the governing body for soccer in Europe, has decreed that wearing the wrong underwear is worse than racism. It fined Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner $126,000 and suspended him one game for...

UEFA says it doesn't have time to investigate homophobia in soccer


The Union of European Football Associations won't take any action after Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho called someone (allegedly referees) "maricones," which is Spanish for "faggots." In...

Can North America Teach Europe on Anti-Homophobia?

While North America's soccer scene has made great strides in equality in 2012, Europe seems to consistently lack behind. Is 2013 the year that MLS's progress is strong enough for the other side of...


"Buying all (and only) wonderkids": a mistake!

Ever since Didier Drogba won us the Champions League (merci!), we’ve seen Chelsea heading towards a new direction in their transfer philosophy. Before winning the European title, Chelsea had a...

Two SoCal Gals: Adam Serrano is our Guest


The latest Two SoCal Gals podcast is live, with guest Adam Serrano (LA Galaxy Insider, formerly Chivas USA beat writer). We discuss MLS and the recently completed World Cup qualifiers.

Two SoCal Gals: Around the World in 35 Minutes!


The latest episode of the Two SoCal Gals podcast is available. We discuss World Cup qualifying around the world, touching on each region. We also welcome The Best Soccer Show's Jared DuBois to the...

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