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Chelsea's Infamous Striker Conundrum?

As we all know, a lot has been made of our beloved Chelsea’s lack of reliable goal-scoring strikers. As 2nd favourites for the title, we ought to have at least one striker who consistently scores...

PPV Pick 'Em Game results: WWE Survivor Series '12

We've got all the results from the WWE "Survivor Series" 2012 edition of the Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game. Find out where you placed on the leaderboard for this event.

Massively Misleading Mondays

After a week which saw Fiorentina poach off a handful of promising youngsters, and being linked to half the teenage population of Brasil, Argentina, and parts of Eastern Europe, 'The Pants'...

Inter Info: 3/5/08

What's up my dawgs? I ain't got much to rant and rattle about today, but I thought I'd mention something. The reigning CL champs, Milan, were knocked out of the tourney yesterday, losing to Arsenal...

Inter Can't Hold On Long Enough

Inter(0)-Liverpool(2) Controversy continues to follow Inter everywhere they travel, however this time they were the victim. It started in the 12th minute, when the Matrix tugged on the jersey of T...

Forza Inter, Forza Italia

Champions League, Round of 16Who: Inter Milan vs. LiverpoolWhen: Tuesday, February 19th 2:30 pm ETWhere: Anfield I've had dreams about this game. Crazy, I know. (Not much different than the rest...

Inaugural Video Blog: CL Prev

What's going on people. I thought I'd try a new way of delivering information here at Chelsea Offside, so I went all video on that ass. This is the first of hopefully many video blogs, on the...

History? Please.

I keep hearing this "history" argument from Liverpool supporters in regard to our recent success in the Premier League. "You have no HISTORY!" Really, what is that? I mean, is that a joke? Every...

Torres and Gerrard in Squad to Face Man Utd

It's even better than I predicted =). Captain Fantastic AND El Niño will be available for Saturday's match at Anfield. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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