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Yet still more 'fag' soccer tweets. The Football Association takes more action.


Two more players have been brought up on charges by the Football Association for sending out homophobic tweets on Twitter. Are these guys ever going to learn? Federico Macheda (right) is a hot...

Football Association launches anti-homophobia campaign as Amaechi, critics blast them


The Football Association in England has launched a new campaign to end homophobia in soccer. The program, called 'Opening Doors and Joining In,' is aimed at making football more inclusive of both...

Another soccer player, Manny Smith, tweets homophobia at gay fan


We've seen plenty of athletes toss around gay epithets at presumably straight people, but this is one of the rare occasions when an athlete has the balls to target an openly gay fan. Walsall FC...

Ravel Morrison charged with rules violation by the Football Association after 'faggot' tweet


The Football Association has charged Ravel Morrison with a violation of FA Rule E3 "for use of abusive and/or insulting words including a reference to a person’s sexual orientation." Morrison...

Season 2007/08- COME ON and Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!!


In two weeks time Chelsea kick off their Premiership season at Stamford Bridge against newly promoted Birmingham City. But it isn't all about supporting the first team, supporting Chelsea and any...

John Terry Charged By The FA


I completely expect the FA to wuss out on the punishment and give Terry a three game suspension. Of course, the Suarez precedent would dictate that they give Terry at least 8 games if not more. Yet, John Terry is English and Luis Suarez is not so you can imagine how this is going to play out.

Luis Suarez Banned Eight Matches, Club Responds


Update: Liverpool has responded. They're not happy. A few excerpts: LFC considers racism in any form to be unacceptable - without compromise. It is our strong held belief, having gone over the...

Suarez in Court, Oldham in the FA Cup, and Other Wednesday Notes


One of the nice things about an up and down fall for Liverpool is that we've had the joy of monitoring things that are a pain in the ass both on and off the pitch. After a relatively serene spring...

Luis Suarez Charged by the FA, Club Responds


From the FA's official website: The FA has today charged Liverpool’s Luis Suarez following an incident that occurred during the Liverpool versus Manchester United fixture at Anfield on 15 October...

To The Twitter End


With the FA's recent attempt to clamp down on footballers and their social networking, Dan Williams, talked to top journalist and twitterer Iain Macintosh to look at how the likes of Twitter are...

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