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Chelsea's Infamous Striker Conundrum?

As we all know, a lot has been made of our beloved Chelsea’s lack of reliable goal-scoring strikers. As 2nd favourites for the title, we ought to have at least one striker who consistently scores...


Sure shot Title or not?! IBRA

Striker.... Ibra??! If we sign a striker we’ll win the league. We become super favorites for the title.As F.Perez says good players pay for themselves. Say we get Ibra for 15mil euro(12mil pounds)...

Lukaku on the cusp of signing up?


The boy's dream is to play for Chelsea. I reckon Roman is close to making that dream a reality. Installing a manager remains at the forefront of summer business. That has done little to deter the...



This graph representing the 1920's stock market crash also happens to represent the exact trend of the team's awesomeness since defeating Houston on July 11. Obama, we need bailout money in the...

How do you solve a problem like Ruiz? - Fulham FC


Bryan Ruiz Gonzalez, a £10.6m thorn in the side or an expensive diamond yet to show his true worth? On deadline day 2011 Fulham Football Club announced the £10.6m signing of Costa Rican...

Boxing Day, Holidazed and the Crouch/Villa rumor


Blackburn and Liverpool's inability to score took all the fun out of Boxing Day, and then my own personal crowded Christmas fixture schedule took all the fun out of me. But the sickness has mostly...

Podcast- Milos Milos Krasic! Krasic!


Fresh (as in just 30 minutes after Muslera handed Juve the three points) from the huge win over Lazio, Aaron & Adam stopped singing just long enough to bring you their thoughts on the game. Marco...

Do we need a striker in January?


The big mercato discussion for Juve recently has been the hunt for a striker. It's a fun position to banter around, but there may be some real substance behind it. Without much money, it would...

Cult Heroes: Craig Russell


Of course Monday's on Roker Report bring one thing - David Boyle's Cult Heroes, and in focus this week a local lad who lived the dream of many a fan... On the morning of December 9th 1995 I was...

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