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Will RG3 Get Snubbed by Pepsi Rookie of the Year Voters?

The Associated Press's Offensive Rookie of the Year and Pepsi Rookie of the Year awards will be announced tonight on the NFL Honors program. The Pro Football Writers of America (PFW) already...

Interesting Excerpt On Roy Williams


Former Kansas player Keith Langford has written a book title Beyond the Phog. In the book, Langford offers some interesting nuggets about Roy Williams in an excerpt from the book posted on KU...

What Roy MEANT To Say Was…


Let's see: UNC won a big home game Tuesday night, defeating a game Clemson squad, making key lineup changes, extending a NCAA-record winning streak, and probably most important putting Sunday...

Ten Years Ago Today...


In the seminal moments of UNC athletics, where do you place June 30,2000? Not ringing a bell, you say? It was only the date of the most cataclysmic shift in Tar Heel sports in the modern era - the...

Roy Williams' Summer Press Conference Reveals Very Little


And when I saw on Twitter this morning that Roy Williams summer press conference would be today I thought for sure I would have some meat for THF readers. Not so much. And no scrilla references! In...

Roy's Brief Chat With The Media


Prior to the Tar Heel Tour stop in Raleigh last night, Roy Williams spoke briefly with the media. Roy was asked about the Wear twins' transfers, what possibilities there are for filling the gap and...

In Lieu of Balcony Jumping I Give You...


...Roy Williams sunbathing in Arizona? Um....okay. This comes via Deadspin who says it was taken by a UNC fan at some resort in Arizona. You notice the Carolina blue towels at this resort. Darn...

Obligatory Roy Fist Pumps Redick Air Ball Video


Wait..that was it? They way I heard this talked about, it sounded as though Roy stood up and gave a solid fist pump. That looked like he was adjusting his sleeve. Something tells me people are...

Roy: Drew & Strickland Should Be More Like...Jerrod Haase?


Hey, the good news there is Jerrod Haase is on the staff so he can teach Larry Drew and Dexter Strickland all they need to know. More radio show shenanigans from Roy Williams: "We’ve got to do a...

Tracking Roy's Ties


Yeah, it has come to this. The UNC blog, The Rafters, has been tracking Roy Williams' choice of ties all season. The current updated list can be found here. Hat tip: Carolina March h...

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