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Best. Fanshot. Evar!

These just crack me up in so many ways...may personal favorite is the last one...read it with a little Ben Stein voice to really grasp the full effect. XD

Quinntessentially Sunderland

Last night at the Stadium of Light was ‘Quinntessentially Sunderland’... a night in which Niall Quinn did a bit of talking and wotnot, and SAFC fans could mingle with the big man, and some of the...

In Reply To Mr Quinn...

Despite SAFC not having a game this weekend, our chairman Niall Quinn has had alot to say for himself recently regarding attendances, fans, etc. Roker Report's very own Michael Graham weighs in on...

In Reply To Mr Quinn...

No game this weekend, but Niall Quinn's been making plenty of headlines in Sunderland. Roker Report's very own Micheal Graham weighs in with his thoughts on the latest statements from our...

How To Win Fans & Influence People

With Niall Quinn recently bemoaning fans watching games illegally in pubs, combined with the latest released accounts of SAFC showing a loss of £27m, Roker Report has been inundated with messages...

Are We There Yet?

Roker Report's Michael Graham looks back on 5 years since Niall Quinn's second coming at Sunderland AFC on his 'magic carpet' and asks 'Are We There Yet?'... Cast your minds back to a sunny August...

The SAFC Christmas Message...

My Fellow Sunderland Fans, Could I say, first, how delighted I am that you’re visiting Roker Report today. The Stadium Of Light has provided me with some of the most memorable events of my life....

A Few Words With... Danny Dichio

When I asked Danny Dichio for an interview, I never actually expected anything back. You know footballers, always too busy for the fans. Well let me tell you Danny breaks the mould. Danny's hung up...

Quinn and Tebow neck and neck for backup QB job

Part of the quote "I don't think there's a huge gap. I think that they're close, and the fact that Tim can help us in some way, shape or form — and needs to be No. 2 to do that — really plays a factor into that as well. I think they've both continued to work extremely hard all year." Also, Orton will be dressing up as santa, so does that mean he got the old neckbeard back out?

The Old Boys Club is Dead. Long Live the Program of Excellence!

Steve Tambellini has returned to his roots, which seem to be as deeply entangled in Hockey Canada as in Vancouver. Yesterday's double-hiring of Pat Quinn and Tom Renney provides the Oilers with a...

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