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Panathinaikos and Torino


First of all, that Champions League game was fan-freakin-tastic. We finally got that win I wanted: 2-0. But better yet, Ibrahimovic had a brilliant game, putting aside his reputation for checking...

Inter 2-0 Bari - That's Number 2 Folks


Well, Inter did it again! I have only been able to find a very short video of the game, and a few sketchy accounts so if anyone was actually able to watch it, I would love to know how it went. ...

Milan 1:1 Juventus - Biggest Match Of The Season Ends Even In Both Scoring And Controversy


Finally, a game reminiscent of the good old Serie A that we were accustomed to watching ~10 years ago. A game of two titans, two top sides going against each other in what was going to be a...

Juve loses to Inter, No One is Surprised


Anyone surprised by the result? I know we had some hope, but ultimately, Inter is a better team, and Mourinho, the better tactician. Before the game, I expected a 0-2 result and that's what...



It's derby time. I've been looking forward to this match all week.....yet at the same time, I have been dreading it. On one hand, it is the Derby d'Italia; the battle against our most despised...

SAFC v Arsenal (A) Preview


At Everton we succumbed to our fourth defeat in a row. Will it be five at Arsenal? More than bloody likely. However, this is the wacky world of SAFC, where you can get fantastic results coupled...

Quinntessentially Sunderland


Last night at the Stadium of Light was ‘Quinntessentially Sunderland’... a night in which Niall Quinn did a bit of talking and wotnot, and SAFC fans could mingle with the big man, and some of the...

Fan Focus: Arsenal (A) Pre-Match Views


For the subject of this week's Fan Focus we got in touch with James from top Arsenal blog - GunnerBlog, to see how he feels about his team, our team, and the match in general on Saturday... I...

The Right To Dream...


African football is in a boom period right now, and Sunderland have been blessed to have some of the best from the continent gracing our club at the moment; Asamoah Gyan, John Mensah, Sulley...

Are We There Yet?


Roker Report's Michael Graham looks back on 5 years since Niall Quinn's second coming at Sunderland AFC on his 'magic carpet' and asks 'Are We There Yet?'... Cast your minds back to a sunny August...

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