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WAGNH Summer Spending Spree: speaking the trOOth

We've given you two weeks to submit your entries for the 2013 We Ain't Got No History SSS, and over the next week we'll be highlighting some of the ones that really caught our eye (in no particular...

Interesting quote re Gerrard/Lampard debate


I know how much Liverpool and Chelsea fans love to battle it out over which seemingly super-human central midfielder is better than the other seemingly super-human central midfielder and I'm no...

Liverpool’s Left Sided Masterstroke; England’s Left Sided Void


On Saturday, 20 mins into Liverpool’s mauling of a truly shocking Derby County side, Rafa Benitez made a decision that could save Steve McLaren’s job for a few more months. Rafa swapped the...

Sissoko & Stendardo Now, Mellberg In July, Tiago Still Retarded


Reports out of Italy are confirming the signing the Momo Sissoko and Olef Mellberg this morning. Momo has apparently signed a contract for four and half seasons that will see him at Juventus until...

Coppa Italia Quaters, Plus Goodbye Tiago - Hello Sissoko!


Fielding a starting eleven for this one was no easy task. Yet, you just knew with the atmosphere being what it has always been when these two teams get together, those who got the nod for either...

A Photo Tribute To Gianni Agnelli; The Greatest Juventino That Ever Lived


Five years ago yesterday, L'avvocato passed away. His name was Gianni Agnelli and his legacy, within the hearts of every Bianconeri, will never die. With his family taking over the club in 1923,...

Sampdoria Preview Plus: What The Shit Is Going On?


Ranieri isn't a happy camper and well, neither are we. Us tifosi Bianconeri have in the last week seen some pretty distressing stuff. For starters, we witnessed a painfully submissive performance...

Lazio 2 - Juventus 3: No Time To Nap, There's Much To Be Done


Despite being as talented as any goalkeeper who has come before him, El Grande Gigi unfortunately had no time for beauty sleep in the game against Lazio last Saturday. Coming fresh off of a...

Lazio vs Juventus: Preview, Plus Post-Game Post-Mortems


So, how have you been? It's nice to be writing again. What have you been up too? How's the backhand? We haven't spoken in a while... I know I know it's all my fault. I've been a terrible blogger as...

Sounders Midfield Depth Provides Opportunity For Tactical Rotation, Role Shifting


With a lot of cap space tied up in midfielders will Seattle offload one or shift them to new roles?

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