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Quinntessentially Sunderland

Last night at the Stadium of Light was ‘Quinntessentially Sunderland’... a night in which Niall Quinn did a bit of talking and wotnot, and SAFC fans could mingle with the big man, and some of the...

All The SAFC v Everton Build-Up!!

Howdy, just in case you missed any of the fantastic build-up to the Everton clash today, here's all you need to know ahead of our trip to Goodison Park... First of all, we launched our new feature...

Roker Report: What's Going On!!?!?

Well, consider this a little Q&A conducted by me, which will answer some questions about the site at the moment, and what will be happening in the near future. If you're a fan of Roker Report, then...

Craic With Caulkin

He has the job that we have all dreamed about. To get a feel of what it was like reporting on the sport that we all love, our intrepid reporter Dan Williams talked to the Times' correspondent for...

Will The Real Marcos Angeleri Please Stand Up?

When Sunderland 'won' the 'battle' to sign Argentine full-back Marcos Angeleri, quite a few of us got excited. He looked like he had everything; Pace, Power, Strength... We've found a suitable...

In Reply To Mr Quinn...

Despite SAFC not having a game this weekend, our chairman Niall Quinn has had alot to say for himself recently regarding attendances, fans, etc. Roker Report's very own Michael Graham weighs in on...

In Reply To Mr Quinn...

No game this weekend, but Niall Quinn's been making plenty of headlines in Sunderland. Roker Report's very own Micheal Graham weighs in with his thoughts on the latest statements from our...

How To Win Fans & Influence People

With Niall Quinn recently bemoaning fans watching games illegally in pubs, combined with the latest released accounts of SAFC showing a loss of £27m, Roker Report has been inundated with messages...

Prices Up For 2011/12 Season Cards

Today SAFC announced their season card prices for the 2011/12 season, and at Roker Report, we can't see how this is going to help Niall's quest to get more people through the door. Although the...

Embrace The Era Of Inspiration, Not Perspiration!

The headline says it all really. Michael Graham takes us on a journey from SAFC grafters to crafters, and why the current generation shouldn't be frowned upon for not making hard-hitting, mistimed...

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