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Valencia's Maduro tabs Mata as a future star for club, country


Juan Mata comes on for Fernando Torres against Honduras in World Cup 2010. Photo: Chris Brunskill, isiphotos.com With David Villa and David...

De Gea: Spain's number one in waiting


On Sunday night, Barcelona bounced back from their shock defeat against Hercules by beating Atletico Madrid 2-1.  But Pep Guardiola's team should have won by more than one goal and they would have...

Herculean effort undoes Barcelona at the Nou Camp


Three weeks ago I said that this season's La Liga will be an 'exhibition league', with Real Madrid and Barcelona dropping very few points over the next nine months. Already I — and a few others —...

José and Pep to dominate in "Exhibition League"


Barca boss Pep Guardiola has added Spain star David Villa to the roster at Barcelona, but new Real Madrid manager José Mourinho has made six major signings at...

Vote: Outsports Jerk of the Year


Many advances were made for gay equality in sports in 2010, but there were also some setbacks. Still, despite the homophobic actions of some there was a silver lining:  The public reaction to them...

Reactions to Gareth Thomas' coming out


The coming out of rugby star Gareth Thomas has, as does every major coming out in sports, generated plenty of discussion about gays in sports. John Amaechi, the last major "Big Four" athlete to...

Week 2 of Habs in Europe


With the lockout, several Habs players are playing in Europe. We'll give you a weekly breakdown on how they're doing, along with Habs prospects.

Video: Villanova vs. Netherlands


The people over at iBasketball.nl, are doing great work covering the EuroJam 2011 tournament. The outcome of the Netherlands game today wasn't pretty, but the video highlights will shed some light...

Video: Villanova vs. Israel


We thought there wouldn't be ANY video from the EuroJam 2011 event, but thanks to iBasketball.nl, we can now provide you with a decent amount of the Israel game on tape. We know you already know...

Euro Slate Now Full


Villanova confirmed that the opponent for their first two exhibition games in Paris will the the Senegalese Senior National Team. The games will take place in Paris, France on August 9 and 10...

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