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Chelsea's Infamous Striker Conundrum?

As we all know, a lot has been made of our beloved Chelsea’s lack of reliable goal-scoring strikers. As 2nd favourites for the title, we ought to have at least one striker who consistently scores...

What if… A Tale of the Silly Season


Okay, thinking outside the box a minute, I am trying to understand some rumors I read lately. Basically they boil down to Inter officials going to Spain and talking to the Big Two clubs there –...

Chievo 2-2 Inter: Everyone Take One Baby Step Forward


After a very frustrating match against a surprisingly worthy adversary, Inter sit at the top of the table, 7 points ahead of Milan -- Exactly where we were last week. One more draw for Inter (and...

Inter Info: 3/27/08


What's up my dawgs? The Azzurri lost yesterday, 1-0 to the Spaniards. That was definitely not a successful way to stop my "itch" for calcio. They played "ehh". Not bad, but not good. There were a...

Recap: Chelsea 4, Cardiff City 1


It was a win. Kinda. Chelsea cruised into the last eight of the FA Cup on Saturday. Eventually. Three second-half goals turned what could've been a replay-destined borefest into a relaxing...

Rant Box: Chelsea v Hull City


It's another must-win for the boys at Hull City on Tuesday. Lets be fair, though, is there really ever not a must-win for sides like Chelsea? Changes galore for our visit to the KC Stadium?...

Poll: Chelsea Offside Player of the Year


Tomorrow, Chelsea's player of the year awards will be held. You can see the event live on ChelseaTV from 9 p.m. In lieu of the ceremony, I'm interesting in your view on the subject. Who has been...

Gallery: Hiddink in training


Sorry about the lack of posts lately guys. This week has been hella hectic. Anyway, here are a few photos of Guus running the squad through drills during the fans' open day training session Tuesday...

Holiday recap: More fun


It was quite a Christmas for Chelsea. First, the Blues picked up a vital three points in a 2-0 win over West Brom at Stamford Bridge. To be honest, the Blues could've sleep walked through the match...

Rant Box: Chelsea v Everton


I'm leaving town tomorrow for the Christmas fiesta of Christmas fiestas. So I had to get this box of chocolatey goodness out early. Let's get down to business, already. Chelsea, coming off an...

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