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BBC's Night at the Opera: The Milan Derby


David Goldblat and John Foot take us to the Derby della Madonnina, January 2010. Relive the glory from an insider's point of view. Classic. Informative. Done with the pomp and circumstance that only the BBC can. Worth a listen.

Ti Te Dominet Milan


Ti Te Dominet Milan

We Won! Can You Believe It?!?


There was only one goal but that is all it took. Inter win this first derby, despite all the odds, despite our aging defense, despite our table position, despite it all... MILANO SIAMO NOI. And I...

Sweaty Palms, Tension Headache, Nervous Stomach... It Must Be Derby Time


Yep, it is already that time of the season where we pit ourselves against our arch nemesis: A.C. Milan. And I am a wreck. I know, there are those of you full of optimism and belief, but a quick...

The Supercoppa Italiana, Derby Style


For some reason, it feels way too early to be thinking about next season. Maybe it is because we have players still on vacation or that the summer market still has a month to go. I dont know. I...

Inter v Milan: Derby d'ella D'oh Oh


For all of you who have found Inter during the last four years or so, it feels a bit wonky to be coming at the derby in a relative position of weakness. That is, to not at the top of the table...

One Last Derby Post: Mohi's Amazing Trip


I found this write-up from an archived blog dated July 5, 2008: "In Italy... an eBay auction for a San Siro stadium seat next to Inter chairman Massimo Moratti for the forthcoming 2008-09 season...

Inter v Milan: A Very Valentine Preview


Well, here it is boys and girls - the Derby Preview. Yep, in less that 24 hours all of this nervous energy will be dissipated into the aether. After the game we will all get up and dust ourselves...

The Derby on the European Stage - Gregor's First Derby

While we await Sunday's derby, let us turn our attention to the other, non-Serie A meetings between Inter and AC Milan. Over the years, Inter and Milan have met approximately 100 times outside of...

Kirby's Derby Write-Up or How The Milan Derby Warps Young Minds

The Milan Derby conjures up strong emotions, the nature of which are largely dependent on what side of the Blue/Red divide you fall on and the final score. These strong emotions filter through to...

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