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6+5 or 4+4 = Inter 2009?

Today Joseph S. Blatter, the president of FIFA had a press conference to explain why he feels that "6+5 Rule" is integral for the future of soccer, especially in Europe. Under this rule, clubs...

Cinema of the Day: The Good Ol' Days


Yup, I lied. I told you I would have Inter Info for you yesterday, and I didn't. I'm sorry. And, as you can see, no Inter Info for today either. The reasons? Yankees Opening Day is coming up in a...

Put Up Or Shut Up


Serie A, 31° GiornataWho: Inter Milan vs. LazioWhen: 15:30 ETWhere: Stadio Olimpico Just because I've missed three games, doesn't mean I don't know what's going on. Our last two games have been a...

Inter Info: 3/26/08


What's up my dawgs? I haven't seen some calcio in a while now, and I'm sort of feening for some. Thankfully, there's a nice lineup of International friendlies to keep myself occupied until this...

Inter Info: 3/25/08


What's up my dawgs? I hope the sun's shining where ever you are, I hope you woke up on the right side of the bed, I hope you took you 8 shots of black coffee, and I hope you took your daily...

Inter Info: 3/14/08 "Vaca, Again"


What's up my dawgs? Yes, the rumors are true. You're beloved Nerazzurri news dude/pre-match dude/post match dude/overall dude will be going away tomorrow. Relax, relax, not forever, just until next...

Inter Info: 3/12/08 "My Luck Is Shit"


What's up my dawgs? We lost yesterday. So what? Our coach is an egotistical asshole who plays Vieira on the wing. So what? It's another year of European disaster. So what? I know I came out a...

Goodbye Manico, Hello Mourinho


Inter(0)-Liverpool(1): Liverpool Advance If you read this page with any consistency, you probably know that this is the spot where I basically "sum up" the game. Ya' know, give you a bit of a...

Confidence Booster


Inter(2)-Reggina(0) Inter got back on the winning side of things today, with a confident 2-0 over Reggina. I know, I know, it's Reggina. But the way that things have been going lately, we needed...

The Time Is Now


Serie A, 27° GiornataWho: Inter Milan vs. RegginaWhen: Saturday, March 8th 12:00 pm ETWhere: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza If you've been living in a cave, taking too many drugs, drinking at all hours of...

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