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Inter Can't Hold On Long Enough


Inter(0)-Liverpool(2) Controversy continues to follow Inter everywhere they travel, however this time they were the victim. It started in the 12th minute, when the Matrix tugged on the jersey of T...

Torres to the rescue | Liverpool 2 - Fulham 0


Liverpool laboured to what was, in the end, a comfortable victory but needed a spark from Spanish tyro, Fernando Torres before they could pull clear of a brave Fulham team. For 80 minutes Liverpool...

Besiktas blown away | Liverpool 8 - Besiktas 0


Just as it was wrong to get too worked up about a couple of bad games in a row, we can't get too excited after one good result - especially as Besiktas were so utterly and completely woeful. After...

Top 5 preseason players


5. Xabi Alonso - seemed to already be in mid-season form, making fantastic passes and being an all-round menace on the pitch. 4. Dirk Kuyt - I have made no secret that I love seeing Kuyt as our...

The Daily Diatribe: 'Much ado about Nothing', Vladimir Smicer tribute


* Sort of a slow day on the LFC news front, thank goodness there's actual matches to watch. There's a bunch of feel good stories about Mascherano. I didn't know he's only on loan here for a...

The Daily Diatribe: Contemplating Berbatov, Idiot bloggers, David Moyes lives in Fantasyland, & more player loans


* Shhhhh! Liverpool (along with every other club) MIGHT make an offer for Tottenham's Berbatov that MAY involve Peter Crouch. The chances of the Spurs getting rid of their superstar forward is...

Liverpool - Sheffield United: First Half thoughts


- Hyypia looks out of sync and is attempting the long ball pass more than I would like. He did have one nice pass to Gonzo though, which the Chilean failed to convert. - The Blades are playing...

Is Steve Finnan the most underrated player in the world?


I know it might be a far stretch to say the world, but he's easily the most underrated player in the Premiership. Case in point, Actim Stats has him as the highest rated defender in the league,...

Back to Where We Belong...


A full strength Tottenham squad is really a thing of beauty. Ol’Arry (Cockney accent required) Redknapp has assembled quite the squad for himself. Plenty of attack options, a decent defense, and...



This whole week I have struggled for something to say. As I watch transfer rumor after transfer rumor fly by, I can’t help but sit here dumbfounded and ask quite polity WTF is going on!? Sure if...

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