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In case you don't have enough reason to want the 'Hawks to be champs

Great feature from 2007 called "23 Reasons Why a Profile of Pete Carroll Does Not Appear in This Space," published in LA Magazine. Despite its title, it is essentially a profile piece, though unconventionally structured. At the time, Carroll was the Head Coach at USC. A fun (albeit lengthy) read for anyone looking for a good read.

SAFC v Newcastle United (H) Preview

As if this game needs much/any introduction! So we face our neighbours to the north in possibly the biggest game of the season, and with a thirst for revenge. Let’s hope we play better than we...

Using Protection

The San Jose expansion draft is going down on next Wednesday 11/21. Does this seem too soon to anyone else? Someone from the Revs or Dynamo won't even be done celebrating their championship yet...

The List

Officially available at noon tomorrow, leaked first on the Insider, here is the list of protected players for Wednesday's expansion draft:Perkins, Boswell, Namoff, McTavish, Burch, Fred, Simms,...

Waiting by the phone

If I get a call later tonight and am asked to be the new General Manager of the San Jose Earthquakes, here is the list of players I will select (assuming I can negotiate myself a reasonable...

Peace out, BC

San Jose's official selections are out, so how did we Insiders do on the draft predictions? Not too bad. Of the players with which we had a confident consensus, we were correct on Grabavoy,...

Peace out, Bryan Arguez

If I had a choice of one player that would leave DC United in the offseason and I wouldn't be upset at all, it would be Jay Nolly. If I had a choice of two players that would leave DC United in the...

Time for another roster analysis

I came up with most of this while standing in line outside in 20 degree weather for two hours to see Barack Obama speak in College Park yesterday (well worth it).Major League Soccer is probably...

Santino Quaranta

Last week was by far the slowest week in the DC United blogosphere since probably March 2007. All we've had to talk about was one closed scrimmage: a 1-0 loss to Chivas, with only a very brief m...

Open for business

With United's Open Cup debut scheduled for tomorrow evening at the Maryland SoccerPlex, the coaching staff has some really interesting roster decisions to make. Last year, United took a Harrisburg...

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