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Roker Riches: Arsenal (A) Betting Preview

This weekend Sunderland look to end their losing streak as we head down to the Emirates stadium to face an Arsenal side who have their best chance in years, of winning the Premier League title. H...

All The SAFC v Everton Build-Up!!

Howdy, just in case you missed any of the fantastic build-up to the Everton clash today, here's all you need to know ahead of our trip to Goodison Park... First of all, we launched our new feature...

Roker Riches - Everton (A) Betting Preview

No winners last week, but don't be disheartened... Our resident expert Gavin Callaghan battles wits with Mrs Roker Report once again in Gavin's latest Roker Riches column. I'm sure there's winners...

Roker Riches - Tottenham Hotspur (H) Betting Preview

Wanna get rich? I know I do. So follow our tipsters; Gavin Callaghan - the expert, and the punter, Mrs Roker Report. Can Gavin beat the babe this week? We'll have to find out... For me last...

Roker Riches - Stoke City (A) Betting Preview

Betting expert Gavin Callaghan battles against Mrs Roker Report to see who has the best record. No winners last week in best bet, but don't let that deter you! Gavin's had many winners so far this...

Roker Riches - Chelsea (H) Betting Preview

Betting expert Gavin Callaghan guides us through the pitfalls of the betting world this week, and shows us where the money should go. He's been backing winners left right and centre. I haven't. So...

Roker Riches - Blackpool (A) Betting Preview

This week in Roker Riches, our man Gavin Callaghan not only looks back at the previous weekends derby, but tells you how to win big this weekend! I left the North East last June after three years...

Roker Riches - SAFC v Newcastle United (H) Betting Preview

Double disappointment on Roker Report last week as not only did we crash out the FA Cup, but we didn't win you any money. A new week, a clean slate though, and over to Gavin Callaghan of BetFred to...

Roker Riches - SAFC v Notts County (FAC3) Betting Preview

Off to a good start with BetFred’s Gavin Callaghan at the helm of Roker Riches, he pointed out Bardsley for first goal at Villa, whilst we took SAFC to win 1-0. Could this be the start of a...

Roker Riches - SAFC v Blackburn Rovers (H) Betting Preview

Another loss for the lads, and another loss for us here at Roker Riches. I need to start betting with the head over heart if I ever want to win big. Is that gonna happen? Am I going to bet against...

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