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The Classiest XI


Their the maestros. Technically brilliant, often awe inspiring. Some would say they liken to sultry songstress Sade -- Smooth Operators. You know, the ones that lock you in and won't let you blink...

99 Problems But A Striker Ain't One


Nicolas Anelka is out to solve Chelsea's paucity in front of goal. The £15m Frenchman starts the job today. Anelka is expect to take part in the Blues' Premier League match with visiting...

Rumourmongering: Berbatov and Torres?


From today's BBC Gossip Column comes news that the Tottenham Hotspurs board is holding crisis talks regarding Dimitar Berbatov's future at White Hart Lane. If this is true, I'd pull out all the...

The Daily Diatribe: Contemplating Berbatov, Idiot bloggers, David Moyes lives in Fantasyland, & more player loans


* Shhhhh! Liverpool (along with every other club) MIGHT make an offer for Tottenham's Berbatov that MAY involve Peter Crouch. The chances of the Spurs getting rid of their superstar forward is...

Tuesday Milan Musings


ON A SIDE NOTE: I was going to make an April Fools post today, but then I realized that someone at goal.com might read it and consider it the truth. That would leave me feeling pretty bad so...

Juventus News Odds & Ends: November 23rd, 2010


A photograph of Adebayor's Italian ancestor Adebayor is joining Juventus this January: Because he said so. “I don’t know what I did to Mancini, but he never lets me play,” Adebayor was quoted as...

Fan Focus - Man United (A) Post-Match Views


Having been comprehensively beaten by United, there wasn't much I could really say about the game other than the best team won. At a canter. Still though, I found time to chat with Steven Williams...

SAFC 0-2 Manchester United (A)


Plenty other teams will get beat at Old Trafford this season, we must try not to dwell on how awful it was, and look to get points from the next two games. That was one long 90 minutes. Richardson...

Fan Focus - Man United (A) Pre-Match Views


On Boxing Day, Europe-bound SAFC travel to Old Trafford seeking some Christmas cheer. For this weeks Fan Focus, Roker Report spoke with Man United fan Steven Williams. Despite having the affliction...

Reflections on Berbatov and Robinho


These two transfers point to two very different dimensions of the power game within the EPL. I think it is worth taking a minute or two to consider what each transfer says about the clubs...

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