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Forty-one years ago today The Rock's destiny began

Forty-one years ago today, a Rock was born in California. Some would go on to say it was simply "in his blood" to turn wrestler once his football career didn't pan out. And now he has become a...

Let's Go to the Videotape: Opening Day at Shea '72


A few clips from opening day at Shea Stadium, 1972, featuring Tom Seaver, Yogi Berra, Dock Ellis, Roberto Clemente, and rain.

1973-12-23 AFC Divisional Playoff Bengals vs Dolphins

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter Something to quench the thirst before Preseason 2012 starts.

Old School Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there on SSS. I have many great memories with my own 4 kids. Recently, I became a grandfather so Father's Day just got all that more awesome. But on...

Let's Go to the Audiotape: Jean Shepherd on Signs at Shea


Let's Go to the Audiotape looks back at the glory days of signs at Shea, via the voice of Jean Shepherd.

Sporting News names 1972 USC team the #2 college football team ever


Their #1 pick was the 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers. The early 70s must have been pretty good for college football. Our '72 squad was the only USC team to make the list. I wonder if SN didn't want to consider '04 or '05 because now they technically never took place. I'd sure vote the 2004 team one of the best of all time. Maybe '05, if for no other reason than they averaged 49 points per game. And hey, they were 19 seconds away from the national championship.

A little story of SAFC in Europe...


Hands up if you remember Sunderland’s last foray into Europe? Ok, well I’m not counting the Amsterdam Tournament, so I really should have said, who remembers our European run in 1973/4? Of course...

Bobby Orr and 70s Bruins items for auction


Items of note: Bobby Orr Game-Used stick from 1970 Gerry Cheevers' 1972 Stanley Cup Ring (Only 5 grand! Act now!) And some other stuff

49ers Year-by-Year: 1972


A brief historical summary of the San Francisco 49ers' 1972 season.

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