Wise Men Say Podcast: Can We Play You Every Week?

Roll up, roll up, it's time to get on the Wise Men Say podcast. If listening to debate on all things SAFC is your bag, then you really do need to get on board!

Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 33

Despite defeat after defeat after defeat, we urge you to listen to the best SAFC podcast around. It's available now - enjoy!!

Wise Men Say: Poyet Errors A Result Of Desperation

Now relegation looks pretty much nailed on, Gus has come in for some heavy stick. He is culpable, but his dip is down to more than a lack of ability solely on his behalf...

Spurs v SAFC: Coverage With Wise Men Say LIVE!

Join us for live match coverage of another vital game, simply by using Roker Report and the Fandio player...

Wise Men Say Podcast: To Three Or Not To Three?

Ok, we're playing rubbish, but that makes the Wise Men Say podcast better at times. If you're red 'n white then get amongst it and listen to the inquest!

Wise Men Say: Live Coverage Of Spurs Vs Sunderland

Get involved on Roker Report! We'll be hosting a live Fandio event for the crucial game away to Tottenham. We'll be covering the game live and you can get involved. "How?!" I hear you scream. Well, read on to find out...

Wise Men Say: It's The Hope We Can't Stand?

Who's keeping the faith? Getting bloody hard, isn't it? Some serious questions need to be asked following a disastrous result on Monday night. Let the inquest begin!

Wise Men Say Podcast: Vergini In A Bottle

Wise Men Say time. Download or listen right here as we talk Liverpool and West Ham. If you're red 'n white, get amongst it.

Wise Men Say: Dispense With The Flops, Regardless

It's getting to a critical stage now. As a result, expect an bumper dose of moaning on this weeks Wise Men Say podcast. If you can't wait until Thursday to hear me twist, then read on...

Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 30 - More Than Must

It's that time again to download or stream the Wise Men Say podcast. If you're of red 'n white persuasion then get amongst it!


Wise Men Say: The Next Of Our Must Win Games...

There was a lot of talking up the Palace game last week, but this one's huge. Like really huge. For once, can we win one of these must wins games?

Wise Men Say Podcast: Holden Out For A Hero

Within a week, SAFC have gone from heroes to villains. Why not download or stream the latest Wise Men Say podcast to find out what they think about it all? Might as well, hew.

Wise Men Say: Palace Loss Could Lead To Questions

A week of darkness and woe followed one of the best in my recent life. I guess that's what you get for supporting Sunderland. But after Gus's comments after Sunday, has he set himself up for a fall if we fail to win on Saturday? y?

Wise Men Say Podcast: Cups, Cups And More Cups

Roll up, roll up, it's time to download or stream the best podcast in the whole of podcast land. Once you've done that, get amongst this week's Wise Men Say and hear us discuss all things SAFC.

Wise Men Say: Do We Want To Dare To Dream Again?

More cup action this week and already the debate has started as to where Sunderland's priorities should lie from here until the season's end. Stephen Goldsmith takes a presents his case and reviews this week's podcast.

Wise Men Say: The Big Show Before The Big Show

We thought we'd do a live pod before the final. I only seemed appropriate. If you missed it, then do not fret! We recorded it for you. That's just kind of people we are...

Wise Men Say: Wahey! Wembley!

Small matter of a live podcast on the agenda this week. Oh! And a trip to London, too!

Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 26 - Mangan Style

All ye of red and white persuasion , it's time to download or stream this week's latest WMS podcast.

Wise Men Say: Sunderland Players Stake Their Claim

There was lots to take from the FA Cup win against Southampton last week. Individual performances, a nice little intimate crowd and the fact we're one more game from another trip to Wembley rank as all being positives to take from it. What else can t

Wise Men Podcast: Episode 25 - A Write Off!

It's that time again already to download or stream the finest podcast around. If you're a Sunderland fan that is!

Wise Men Say: Don't Panic!

If there was ever a time to keep our cool, it's probably right about now...

Wise Men Say Podcast: Cool Cat Colback

It's time again (a little belatedly) to download or stream the finest SAFC podcast around.

Wise Men Say... Midfield Triumvirate A Triumph

In which Roker Report's good buddies over at the Wise Men Say Podcast give their weekly views on all things SAFC. Don't forget to check out the podcast too, there's links below!

Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 23: Officer Crabtree

It's that time again where we all get our podcast fix. Ease some of those pre-derby nerves by listening to our calamitous attempt to get through this week's podcast.

Wise Men Say: Derby Buzz Lost Amongst Cup Heroics?

With all this cup excitement, Saturday's encounter completely slipped my mind...

Wise Men Say: Time To Stand Up And Be Counted

It's Capital One Cup Semi-Final day! Settle your nerves with the Wise Men Say podcast preview. You're excited? Feel these nipples...

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