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Miracle Man Pulis Still Wrong Man For Sunderland

It's impossible to not respect Tony Pulis' achievements in management, but all he could ever offer Sunderland is respite, not the required reform.

Have Wickham's Sunderland Stars Aligned At Last?

Will the real Connor Wickham please stand up?

Wise Men Say: Don't Dare Give Me That Hope Again!

We were expecting an inquest into a good old hammering and are now disappointed to have not won. Where does this leave us, I ask you?

Sunderland: Where Transition Ends & Turmoil Begins

Gus Poyet doesn't want to rebuild this summer. He won't have to. What lies ahead is not just a rebuild, but a salvage job, as another summer of turmoil looms.

Blame Game Has To End Before Congerton Speaks

Plenty of people have an opinion on just who is to blame for the current mess at our football club. But now isn't the time to hear more excuses from a fresh voice...

ANALYSIS: What Is "Wrong" With Sunderland?

Gus Poyet insists there is something fundamentally 'wrong' at the club. Players just don't seem to care and I think we can all see it. The real question is: how do you fix it?

Quick Kicks: Sunderland 0-1 Everton

Better performance, same result. There's not much left to say now is there?

Is Gus Right To Defend His January Transfers?

This may be carnage, but to be fair it was Poyet who opened this can of worms, not us!

WE ARE SUNDERLAND - And Don't You Forget It

The wider footballing world probably won't bat an eyelid if we go down to the Championship. We've lost our identity in a sea of mediocrity. Well, let's reclaim it and make sure everyone knows who they'll be missing next season.

How Much Is On Gus?

Gus Poyet says that he will take his share of responsibility if Sunderland go down. We continue our inquest by asking just how big a share that should be.


The Sweet Relief Of Relegation

Sunderland's Premier League status has all but slipped away, but Roker Report guest Phil Randle sees nothing in the endless cycle of survival to mourn over.

Disgraced End Is What Disgraceful Cowards Deserve

Cowards run, and this lot have been running from the relegation they've deserved for far too long. Shed no tears for Sunderland as the Championship looms, for we are finally free.

Tottenham Hotspur Vs Sunderland: Confirmed Lineups

The lineups are in for yet another must win game...oh who are we kidding, we've blown this already haven't we? Do it for the pride, lads...

Preview: Tottenham vs. Sunderland

Everything you need to know ahead of Sunderland's visit to White Hart Lane on Monday night to take on Spurs.

Roker Riches: Betting Tips For White Hart Lane

It's another Monday night match and, I suppose it's also another 'must-win' game technically, but seen as no-one expects us to win this one, or stay up, we can relax a bit, and just enjoy the inherently amusing figure of Tim Sherwood on the touchline

Fan Focus: Dustin Up All The Spurs Insight

You know the drill by now, we chat to some fan or other from the opponents of our next game. We caught up with Dustin aka "Uncle Menno" from over at Cartilage Free Captain, the popular Spurs blog representing SB Nation. We're kind of like cousins.

Congerton Can Be The Man To Rebuild Cats

Sunderland's new straight-talking sporting director has more than a Black Cat in hell's chance of rebuilding the crumbling club - but it won't be a quick or smooth process.

Wise Men Say Podcast: To Three Or Not To Three?

Ok, we're playing rubbish, but that makes the Wise Men Say podcast better at times. If you're red 'n white then get amongst it and listen to the inquest!

Stick Sad Campaign Where The Sun Doesn't Shine

It seems that Sunderland have really annoyed The Sun, and in the process prompted them to remind us all why they are held in such low regard in the first place.

The Relegation Model

If Sunderland get relegated this season, it will be the result of years of bad management, particularly in the transfer market. We've gone from dreams of the "Udinese model" to our own self styled "relegation model" of transfer business, and it has l

MYC: Which Hull Hell Stalled Our Season?

With the feel good factor that was suffusing Sunderland in the early stages of 2014 now well and truly gone, two of our writers go head to head to debate whether the loss to Hull in the Premier League or the loss in the FA Cup was more costly to our

Fantasy Football Scout: Gameweek 33

After yet another disappointing result in an important game, Sunderland once again play on Monday night - this time against stuttering Spurs...

Three At The Back Not Responsible For Failure

There's been a lot of frustrated discussion among the Sunderland support about how it all went wrong on Monday against West Ham United, with a lot of fingers pointing towards a system that employed three centre backs. But I'd beg to differ...

Wise Men Say: It's The Hope We Can't Stand?

Who's keeping the faith? Getting bloody hard, isn't it? Some serious questions need to be asked following a disastrous result on Monday night. Let the inquest begin!

Roker Riches: Betting Tips For West Ham

Sunderland have another of those must-win things that are working so well for us on Monday night. Here's what our betting team think will happen.

Vergini Monologue Must Be A Patient One

Santiago Vergini looks about as comparable to a professional footballer right now as a child experiencing the after-effects his first stiff drink, but snap judgements are rarely accurate.

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