Here I'm going to be putting a list of SAFC related websites, blogs etc that all SAFC fans should be visiting. If you would like your page here, mention it to me on Twitter (@rokerreport) and I can check it out and put it up.

Not 606 -
With the demise of the 606 forums on BBC, an alternative has been set-up to allow more freedom, and the ability to post without fear. A great alternative, head over now!

World Soccer Reader -
A fantastically written football site, where Roker Report creator, Simon Walsh, also has a weekly column. 'Great Touch For A Blog Man' is new every Tuesday, with his take on the weeks events, in the Premier League.

Into The Light -
A wonderful gang of SAFC fans who deserted BBC 606 Forums for their own little corner of the internet. A knowledgeable and welcoming lot, I'd suggest you head on over and sign up ASAP!

The Stat Cat -
Whoever runs this site deserves a medal. Stats from almost every single SAFC match going back to the 1880's! Settle arguments and just be generally amazed by the site right now by clicking the link!

Proper Fan -
Proper Fan is a work of genius. A true social networking app for football fans. There's so much you can do, download it today!

Salut Sunderland -
Intelligently written, and often hilarious SAFC website. Highly reccomended by WSC, so you know it's good. Go and check them out!

Sunderland Shirts -
A fine website run by dedicated SAFC fan Chris Butler, proudly showing off his huge collection of match-worn Sunderland shirts from all era's of the club.

A Love Supreme -
If you're an SAFC fan, and you've never visited these guys where have you been hiding? Available online and in all good retailers, and some bad ones.

We Are Wearside -
One of the newer additions to the Sunderland AFC blogging community but well worth checking out. Updated regularly and engaging.

Sunderland Football -
Doing their utmost to improve the matchday experience at the SoL, with updates on the latest chants, an informative history of our club, and they're also producing some rather fetching flags and banners. Well worth a look!

Cartilage Free Captain -
You've read Kevin McCauley on this site, and here's his other website where he and his team of writers discuss the latest goings on with Tottenham Hotspur. Check it out!

Kevin McCauley on SB Nation -
The home of great blogs on all sports, including Kevins blogs on a multitude of football topics. The man's pretty prolific!

Danny Dichio Official Site -
You probably thought Danny was just some guy who played for Sunderland for a few years. Think again. He's a coach, community leader and hero to the soccer fans of Toronto. Find out more on his official site!

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