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Defender Backs Vito After Etihad Blunder

Brown urges Mannone to put mistake behind him quickly.

Wise Men Say: Don't Dare Give Me That Hope Again!

We were expecting an inquest into a good old hammering and are now disappointed to have not won. Where does this leave us, I ask you?

Poyet Asserts His Sunderland Credentials At Etihad

Gus Poyet vehemently insists that Sunderland need to trust him with their future. The 2-2 draw at Manchester City showed why he may just have a point.

Quick Kicks: Reaction From Manchester City Draw

A few snippets for discussion from the 2-2 draw with Manchester City.

Manchester City 2-2 Sunderland: Player Ratings

Don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Manchester City vs. Sunderland: Confirmed Line-ups

The teams are in, and we'd advise getting some alcohol in too.

PREVIEW: Manchester City vs. Sunderland

Here we go again...

Gus Throws Down The Gauntlet For Sunderland Reform

Why listening to Poyet may just be the cleverest thing Sunderland can do right now.

"I'm Not Going To Quit" Cats, Insists Poyet

Uruguayan is committed to Sunderland for the long-term - if he is trusted to reform struggling club.


Blame Game Has To End Before Congerton Speaks

Plenty of people have an opinion on just who is to blame for the current mess at our football club. But now isn't the time to hear more excuses from a fresh voice...

Out Of Contract Lot To Go, Suggests Poyet

No surprises, as Poyet looks to close door on failures.

FULL Transcript Of Poyet's Lament

Still struggling to make your mind up about Poyet's post-Everton comments? Fear not.

Contract Talks 'Not On Agenda' For Youngster

Connor Wickham seems to have quite a clever agent, annoyingly.

Midfielder Insists Players Still Back Poyet

Sunderland's beleaguered squad still "fully back the manager", apparently.

ANALYSIS: What Is "Wrong" With Sunderland?

Gus Poyet insists there is something fundamentally 'wrong' at the club. Players just don't seem to care and I think we can all see it. The real question is: how do you fix it?

Sunderland 0-1 Everton: Player Ratings

Your chance to tell us we're wrong.

Sunderland vs Everton: Confirmed Lineups

The teams are in for today's super-fun game against Everton which we're all looking forward to.

Is Gus Right To Defend His January Transfers?

This may be carnage, but to be fair it was Poyet who opened this can of worms, not us!

Sunderland Owner Delivers Gus Backing

It seems that Poyet's job is not in any danger which is, in my opinion at least, excellent news.

Preview: Last Stand Or Fresh Surrender?

Must we? Oh, okay then.

Poyet Expects Defender To Leave

Turns out 'Mr 100%' is nowt special, character-wise, after all.

Midfielder Linked; Gus Brushes Off Criticism

Your daily one-stop Sunderland news round-up.

Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 33

Despite defeat after defeat after defeat, we urge you to listen to the best SAFC podcast around. It's available now - enjoy!!

Sunderland Ladies Ready For Big Kick Off

As one Sunderland team readies itself to step down, another is on the brink of a proud new adventure. Good luck to them!

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