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Just after the Spurs thrashing....

The Fat Lass Still Ain't Singing.

She may as well be though. Sunderland's GD is still 4th worst in the Premiership. Probably because they haven't played enough games yet... Still, Sunderland are 7 points adrift of safety with two games in hand. OK, so that means they are no longer masters of their own destiny, but they're pretty close. Last nights result has done a massive favour to a lot of teams including Fulham (given their last result). Bottom line is, Sunderland have to win TWO then SLIGHTLY MORE THAN MATCH either Norwich or West Brom. Is that impossible? No, not in my book. With the right mentality and the right motivation - manager - they could still stay up. I reckon, Allardyce or Pulis and maybe Bruce or Magath (not sure about the latter) of the bottom half managers could do it.


It's about as fucked as it could be. Both before, during the season and now it's been 'fragile'. The most frustrating part of it has been the duality of Sunderland. In both the cup runs, there's been a terrific Sunderland and in most of the Premiership games (with a few notable exceptions) there's been an abject Sunderland. How has it been possible to get Sunderland motivated for cup games, but not motivated for a long hard slog of league games? I guess the answer to that is largely self evident. Cup runs need sporadic lifts whereas the Premiership requires a sustained level of performance. For Christ's sake, we're talking professional footballers (blokes who play the game for cash) - for most people 'hard earned' cash - but for them 'easy money'. Stop taking the fucking piss lads. It's time to show why you're getting paid the oodles of cash. Show a bit of professionalism in the run in. Lets see a few moments of magic. And try and turn over one of the top teams - AT LEAST.

Fucked up CVs

Premiership relegation ain't the best thing you can have on your CV for a professional footballer. Mind, you can have racist or 'biter' on it and it seems like that's no problem. Those twats who are thinking of retiring, bare in mind that's the last thing that's going to be on your CV. Those who've had illustrious former careers elsewhere, is that really how you want your CV to end? Surely, sticking around for an even harder long term slog and bringing this club back up would be a more fitting end to your CV? For those not retiring and thinking of just jumping ship - TWATS. I hope your new clubs suffer a similar fate. Get with the plan. Actually do what you're supposed to do and make this club a Premiership club. My main point is, YOU DON'T ACTUALLY HAVE TO GET RELEGATED FIRST.

Local Derby and Cup Final Does Not a Season, Make

As a mad for it Mackem, I believe that stuffing Newcastle (the bar codes, as I shall not remember them) twice in one season is better than sex. For me it ain't. And throw in a decent cup run and I can see how you'd be seriously thinking about marrying the club instead. But, GET REAL, those great moments don't make up for a possible relegation. Stay up, and then, yes, you can fondly look back upon those highs of another 'successful' (in this context, just staying up) season.

Best Season Ever For a Neutral

I seriously believe this has been the best ever Premiership season. The constant jostling for position in the top three (four if Everton can come up with the goods), the 'melt down' (if you can call it that) at Manchester United (what would Sunderland fans give for that level of 'success', and the mental failure that's overtaken Arsenal The constant jostling for position around the relegation zone. The miraculous escapes of some and the implosion at Sunderland - seizing failure from the jaws of success. I recall you being 14th in the table at one point.... Ho hum.

Shed Load of Sackings

Boy oh boy! Who'd be a Premiership manager, eh? Manager after manager gone out the door. One club has done two and there's an outside chance that could be three in the summer (unlikely though). Maybe it's two teams that have done two? Spurs have surely 'technically sacked' a second manager. Then he delivers a five one thrashing for them. Go figure. On current form, I see Poyet joining the list of second sackings before or at the end of the season.

Temporary Mackemness

As some of you may be aware, I'm only a temporary Mackem - I can walk away from this. For real Mackems, I'm so sorry. Poor bastards is how I'd sum it up for you. You've had one hell of a season. A 'charlatan' manager (I think the record with Swindon dispels the 'sour grapes' of another former manager somewhat). Two fantastic cup runs. Stuffing Newcastle twice. Flirting with relegation most of the season, to go properly clear for about a week, to then near implode now. I wish the team would get a fucking grip and restore some semblance of pride to a 'fucked over' set of passionate supporters. For me, I shall of course keep an eye on Sunderland, but won't be following them to this degree in future. I honestly hope you stay a Premiership team, but until all of that cup mentality is applied to the remaining 14 halves, it won't happen. Do that, and I firmly believe it still could. Jeez, you could bring back di Canio for the last few games and have another fucking mad end to a season. He might keep you up (highly unlikely). he would of course kick the shit out of all those deserving players. And Short could threaten to keep him forever if they did get relegated. I think di Canio's 'failings' may be reconsidered in future given what's going on now. As for me, I shall pick another no hoper Premiership team - an underdog - I can't quite decide between, Crystal Palace, Man United, or Sunderland - if you're still up. If you're not, I look foward to Sunderland meeting Wolves (as now looks very likely) next season. I shall of course be hoping for a couple of ten nil thrashings to Wolves.

Keep yer chins up. This time next year, we'll all be millionaires - or Sunderland will be on the verge of promotion. More chance we'll all be millionaires, I fear.

Mind, I haven't finished yet. I still can't here that fat bird singin'. More acerbic comments coming on the run in. I hope Everton stuff Arsenal - really I do.

Are you making a FanPost? Well that's fantastic, just keep it tasteful.

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