Roker Riches: Betting Tips For West Ham

Julian Finney

Sunderland have another of those must-win things that are working so well for us on Monday night. Here's what our betting team think will happen.

Pundit Last Week's Profit/Loss Current Balance
Stephen Goldsmith N/A £69.00
Simon Walsh £10.00 £68.00
Luke Bowley -£13.00 £49.00
Dave Boyle £15.00 £30.00
Nick Holden -£4.00 £3.62
Karl Jones N/A £0
Craig Clark N/A -£6.70

Simon Walsh

The game against West Ham really becomes the most "must-winny" of all "must-win" games we've had recently and despite defeat against Liverpool, the performance put in has me feeling positive against for Monday night's game.

I'm going for Fabio Borini to score first in a Sunderland win, priced quite nicely at 8/1.

Elsewhere around the footballing world I'm going for a sky blue treble of sorts - Man City, Marseille and Lazio all to win.

  • Fabio Borini to score first and Sunderland to win - 8/1 - £1 stake
  • Man City, Lazio and Marseille all to win - £2 stake

Nick Holden

This another game that I'm hardly looking forward, it's gonna be tight and nervy but I'm hoping we can scrape a 1-0 win. Look, I need the hope to keep going.

Elsewhere Aston Villa have good odds to win away at Old Trafford. Paul Lambert's side have been much better away from home this season, whilst David Moyes' United reign is collapsing like a deck of beer-soaked cards.

  • Sunderland to win 1-0 - 7/1 - £2
  • Aston Villa to beat Manchester United - 7/1 - £2

Craig Clark

This has West Ham 1-0 written all over it. Typical Sunderland. Play well and lose at Liverpool, choke and fail to turn up in the subsequent "must win" fixture.

Elsewhere, good as Southampton have been at times this season, they sometimes come unstuck at home. Newcastle meanwhile will have Pardew back, but without Remy - assuming he's missing - lack goals. Villa have a great opportunity to use their excellent counter attacking ability to claim something at Old Trafford

  • West Ham to win 1-0 -17/2 - £1 stake
  • Newcastle to win or draw and Villa to win or draw - 5/1 - £2 stake
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