Plumbing the depths of shiteness

I've sussed it... There are TWO Sunderlands aren't there?

There's a team that can beat the best teams out there, look a model of discipline, endeavour and desire in the derby and grind out any result you like in any cup.

Then there's this one. The fucking shit one. The one that appears to actually want to kick supporters in the 'nads just to remind them what being a Mackem is all about.

Generally, this team didn't ask many questions of Arsenal and consequently got totally screwed. When they did ask a question (or three was it), they got one good answer. Basically, there was no attacking intent, no wish to press and harry the opponents and generally, no fucking intent whatsoever.

Parking the proverbial bus may have been better for the GD.Who knows?

Alan Shearer was asked in a Q&A session for MOTD (online) who will go down, he unwittingly (or maybe he knew it), selected the three teams with the current worst GDs. No surprise to me. So, let the GD erode any more and Sunderland will be in REAL trouble (as though now could be dismissed as a blip).

This doesn't feel like a blip. It feels like normal service in the league.

Gentlemen (in the team), YOU HAVE TO SNAP OUT OF IT NOW else you won't be in the Premiership much longer.

And dreaming of Wembley is just that - a fucking dream - on the evidence of a display like this.

Send THIS team to Wembley next week and I'll probably stop caring what happens.

Send the team that beat Newcastle and I'll happily support you to the end even if you lose to Man City

[I'm not on about the team being a collection of certain individuals. I'm on about a team being a collection of virtuous attributes. I'm not arsed who is physically going to play, just as long as whoever is chosen look like they REALLY WANT and DESERVE to be there and work bleeding HARD for a good result].

And once again, don't go to penalties at Wembley. Finish it in normal time - one way or another - then concentrate on the league.

Are you making a FanPost? Well that's fantastic, just keep it tasteful.

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