Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 20 - Argie Bargie

Laurence Griffiths

Episode 20 of that bloody awesome Wise Men Say podcast thingy is out. If you haven't tried it out, and you're of Sunderland persuasion, get it done!

Well, where to start. It's been quite a week really and to put it in simple Mackem terms, there's gid hods on the pod this week, like.

We started by speaking to Michael Brunskill from the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) who were instrumental in getting the bubble trip to Newcastle quashed. Or burst, if you will. The buses are still there and a very viable and safe option, by the way. We catch up with Michael as the first of three phone guests this week as he explains a little about what went on behind the scenes, and for anyone who's been living on Mars (other non-habitual planets are available) he tells us about the marvellous outcome and how fast it came about.

Next on this "bumper" edition, we spoke about the semi-final win against Manchester United. I say we, and I mean myself and Gareth Barker as always. Maybe now Gareth has joined us here on Roker Report I can stop allowing Craig Clark to come on.... Nah, I wouldn't do that to him. More importantly, I wouldn't do that to you.

Martyn McFadden, who was very proactive in the overturning of this bubble nonsense, dropped in the studio to help us go over the Manchester United victory and help us all conclude just how mint the cup is compared to the smelly league.

The Sunderland reporter for the Evening Chronicle, James Hunter, also 'swung by' to drop his top #bantz our way.

There's a game against Fulham tomorrow and we all spoke about how important it is, how we hoped to take our league form into the cup and all that jazz. I know, I know, we've been HERE before.

Two more phone guests, Ed Malyon from t'Mirror is "a bit of an expert" on South American football so we were genuinely delighted to have him speak to us about the Argentinian trip heavily linked with the Black Cats this week.

Continuing on in that vein, we had our old friend Jabsco, author of the finest Brighton blog Not Worth That, come on and tell us more about Liam Bridcutt. I think we'd all be amazed if that one didn't go through.

We also hear a little bit of Gus Poyet talking to yours truly on behalf of Sun FM (me, not him) and as I forgot to snip the end of the clip off you hear him turn to the VULTURES that are the written press and say something like "I'm ready come on guys". Actually, I've chatted to both Adrian Durham and Luke Edwards this week. Nice blokes. Really.

Loads there, I'm sure you'll all agree. So subscribe to iTunes or download it.

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