The table sometimes lies...

But goal difference never does.

On that basis Newcastle and Hull should be nearer the relegation zone (above it) and both Manchesters should be nearer the top.

Sunderland, are precisely where they should be.

I said win big and lose small, not the other way round. So a 3-0 defeat to fellow bottom of the table is not the way to go. And there's the rub... 'fellow bottom of the table'. What hope against the top teams?

There can be few excuses for the latest debacle. Start with your strongest team, if you know what it is and substitute for a reason, not to chase something out of an otherwise dire game. Further injuries are regrettable. Sess's goal may or may not turn out to be very significant (he's always been random, so one game away from Sunderland can hardly say he's a changed man).

Di Canio's nonchalance is beginning to be worrisome. Sunderland aren't getting any better and they've only got stronger opponents to face. I've been critical of his man management skills from day one, but I still rate the guy. He's got some fast learning to do. Stop publicly criticizing players. He himself scewed up big style last weekend... Stop harbouring petty grudges, they get noone anywhere and just poison the atmosphere. Take advice. Feel free to ignore it, but take it anyway. Give praise where it's due or where it been hard earned. True, you can lose gracefully and not need to get angry, but you've got to stop losing pathetically. My own management career was in computer games, where it's reckoned managing programmers is like herding cats, so I know a little bit about prima donna egos etc...

Short's patience isn't infinite. He'll want to see definite signs of improvement. A definite strategy to deliver that improvement. He'll want to see signs that Sunderland might actually be able to beat the stronger teams and he'll want to see some straightforward wins over straightforward opposition. And di Canio might have until Christmas to show all of that. Another performance or two like this and you'd have to say di Canio will be toast.

So Sunderland (not just di Canio), pull your bleedin' finger out!

Football? Fuck me!

Are you making a FanPost? Well that's fantastic, just keep it tasteful.

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