The View from Oz 2 - Go down swinging or go down.

Hi Sunder-lads

It has been a while since I posted my first 'View from Oz', and a lot has changed about Sunderland. We have brought in the likes of Alfred N'Diaye who I highly rate, and Danny Graham who I don't, and seen the likes of Saha and Campbell leave. Some things have stayed the same, though, with Wes Brown still injured, Titus Bramble still a bad defender, Cattermole still a liability to us and MON still unwilling to change things.

Now, lets be honest here. Sunderland very well could go down. But, on paper, we have a squad that shouldn't be. So what should we change? Here I will post what I think we need to do in order to be playing in the EPL, and importantly to me, stay on Fox Sports Australia, next year.


Basically just keep Simon fit and healthy. He is amazing.


This is the source of our problems. John O'Shea is past it, as is Carlos Cuellar, and the only purpose Titus Bramble serves is to have a laugh. Danny Rose is a must at the left, and I think Craig Gardner is contributing well enough at the back to stay at right back. In the centre it seems O'Shea and Cuellar are the go, but i'd love to see Kadar Mangane given a crack; it isn't like he can do much worse


A real source of head scratching. In my eyes, are 5 best midfielders, in order, are Sessegnon, Larsson, Johnson, N'Diaye and McClean; The issue here is that 4 of these are wingers. This season Johnson has toiled from wing to wing, and though he might like it on the right, he must be on the left because, quite simply, he cannot cross. In my eyes, Larsson should be on the right. Though he has played in the centre with decent results, last season Seb was an absolute boss on the right. Though Johnson wants to play there, he isn't up to it, and Sessegnon is too good in the centre to use out wide. I doubt Seb would get a chance at RM, but I think his crossing and skill is better suited out there. In the centre Alfred is a must because he is imposing, and lets be honest, he is better than the likes of vaughan and cattermole. To partner Alfred in the centre I would use Vaughan out of necessity because, quite frankly, Cattermole is past it, McClean can't play central midfield and sessegnon would be my centre forward. Though this may be a risky central midfield, I would rather us go down swinging then going down doing the same thing each week.


Fletcher needs to be there. Simple. He has been a shining light this season. If we were to play 4-4-2, my partner would be Connor Wickham because, quite frankly, Danny Graham has been a James McFadden, but with more game time to waste. The young lad is big and imposing too.


So, here is the squad I would use to keep Sunderland in the premier league


Gardner - Mangane - O'Shea - Rose

Larsson - Vaughan - N'Diaye - Johnson



It's risky, but isn't staying in the worlds most prestigious league worth it?

Are you making a FanPost? Well that's fantastic, just keep it tasteful.

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