Little Men, Big Men

Little men.

Dossena is some of wally. Not only to try and end someone else's career, but also to actually get sent off minutes after another player. At least Sunderland don't have to keep him.

Cattermole should know better. He's got a reputation, which doesn't help. He used to be captain (has he been reinstated yet? - Hopefully not on this evidence). He should set a good example to all the other players. On form, he's great. He needs massive consistency. And not crap consistency. If you're gonna get sent off, then the only logical reason would be a professional foul in the last 10 or so protecting a lead. Any other time is fucking stupid.

Both these guys deserve a rollocking. Not necessarily of di Canio proportions, but a good rollocking none the less.

Is someone paying Sunderland to throw matches? Are they actually trying to win any of them any more? The points were there to be had against Hull, who I warned shouldn't be treated as relegation fodder. I'm beginning to think that liquidizing my testicles might be more fun than supporting Sunderland. For fuck's sake, what part of 'get a grip' don't the team understand? Well alright what part do the English speaking contingent not understand?

Big men.

Ian Holloway. Anyone who actually reads any of this drivel that I write will know that I never rated Olly as a Premiership manager. Evidently, neither does he. To be frank, the guy looked completely knackered at the press conference when he went. I hope he's OK and I hope he gets his appetite for management back. I do however rate Olly massively as a Championship manager. The guy has proved more than once that he's great in the playoffs. If you want to get promoted, he IS your man. Might be as well to keep his phone number just in case...

Ellis Short. It takes a big man to admit he's wrong. Kudos to the guy. My view is he didn't need to. He's got to keep the fans on side though. And this may yet prove to be trickier. Jeeez, just taking the points off Hull would have made everything seem completely doable, but no, Sunderland want to kick me in the nads lots of times before scraping their way to survival.

The pope. Thank the pope. Papal intervention seems to be the only way this team can win. So your eminence, another 12 miracles if you please. Thanks.

Are you making a FanPost? Well that's fantastic, just keep it tasteful.

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