Footballer: Team Need To Play Better

Michael Regan

A footballer today said that his winless team need to be playing better, and try to win some games.

A footballer today issued a plea to fans of the local team for which he plays, saying that despite the fact they're winless, they know this, he and his team will endeavor to be better from now on.

The footballer told local news reporters;

Obviously it's not a great situation to be in, but we know this and are working on it. The fans of the team are magnificent, and they deserve better than this.

They follow us home and away, week in, week out and we owe them a performance. We're going to to that starting this weekend.

Several teammates of the footballer have issued similar "rallying calls", although they have fallen on deaf ears as the local team have failed to pick up a win in nearly two months.

Footballer also responded to fans criticism of the team for not being particularly good, adding;

They've every right to be unhappy. I'm not happy either, but I'm going to keep my head down in training and focus on getting a win for them.

They're the best fans in the world. Absolutely first class. We owe it to them to try and beat our next opposition.

With the fans now well and truly onside having had smoke blown up their behinds, footballer went finished with some rousing words;

We need the fans to stick with us. We can't do it without them. They're really important, and the lifeblood of the club. I know if we keep working hard in training we can beat our next opposition.

Once we win one game everything will be different, and all previous form will be forgotten. Anyone who's played the game knows that's how it works.

Fans will welcome the fact that they are the best in the world, and surely if this mantra is continually relayed by other players in the squad, they'll have an outside chance of a draw in their upcoming match.

Failing that, at least there will be more bums on seats, and if you're not won over by this open and frank acknowledgement of the situation the local team currently finds themselves in then there's simply no helping you. You are the best fans in the world remember, and that's enough to gloss over any shambolic situation.

More of the same tomorrow when another football opens up in an honest and totally not disingenuous way.

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