The Week That Was: No Game, But Lots To Read About!

Martin O'Neill approves. We think. He's a tough man to read.

Welcome one and all to another edition of The Week That Was - the feature where we round up everything we did on the site so you can sort through the wheat and chaff and read only what appeals to you.

Now this week's comes with a difference as there's no match to preview, but that didn't stop us writing a hell of a lot of stuff about our beloved Sunderland.

So what follow's is a comprehensive roundup of everything we did this week. There's lots of it, so there should be something for everyone. Enjoy...

On Monday we started the week with a look back at the Swansea City game in Talking Tactics. Chris Weatherspoon dug out the stats, facts and figures and showed how our resolve saw us take a point from the Liberty Stadium...

Click Here for Talking Tactics: Swansea City (A)

Also on Monday following the closing of the transfer window we looked at the club's strength in depth. Rather than just say it's good or it's bad, we decided to look at each position and give it a grade. Do you agree with what we thought? Have a look and find out...

Click Here for Sunderland's Strength In Depth Grades

On Tuesday we previewed another Podcast. If you ever want to get involved in the show you need only look at these sort of posts which come up every Tuesday. There's also loads of ways to subscribe there too...

Click Here for Podcast Preview

Also on Tuesday we had a bit of an argument. Dan Williams was pitted against Karl Jones in this week's Make Your Case. In it, they went head-to-head over the right back position and who should stay in it as we move forward...

Click Here for Make Your Case: Gardner or Bardsley?

With Michael Graham away for the week (sort of) there was a large hole to fill where Captain's Blog once stood. What should we do to fill it? Get Chris Weatherspoon to do a Captain's Blog Lite, and he did just that has he rattled on about Steven Fletcher...

Click Here for Captain's Blog (Lite): Fletcher Goals Put Doubters In Place

Also on the Wednesday we went "Behind Closed Doors" for the first time this season and sat down with our lovable mascots, Samson & Delilah, to get the lowdown on what's been happening at the club over the summer. Read all the high's and low's here...

Click Here for Behind Closed Doors with Samson & Delilah

Thursday as always is the best day of the week because it's the day our podcast comes out. We know you're all avid fans, but if you've never given it a go then why not give it one now? It's worth every penny (it's free)...

Click Here to Download or Stream Episode 69 of our Podcast

Thursday also brought about another edition of "By The Numbers" our new and occasional stat column. For those that like to geek-out, this is a treasure trove of information. This week we took our statistical eye to the early good form of Carlos Cuellar...

Click Here for By The Numbers: Carlos Cuellar's Impressive Start

On Friday we brought you our Top Ten England Internationals, courtesy of Welshman, Karl Jones. Seems an odd premise, but Karl did a mighty fine job of putting together a list of those who've represented the country whilst at Sunderland...

Click Here for Sunderland's Top Ten England Internationals

On Friday we also gave you a glimpse at the future. No, not Sunderland winning the Champions League, that comes in 2014. The nearer future in which our site get's a makeover, and this is what our new logo looks like. Let us know your thoughts on it!...

Click Here for The Future Of Roker Report

Finally for the working week, Michael Graham chipped in from his mini-sabbatical to have a look at Liverpool and why we shouldn't be affording Brendan Rodgers any sympathy. Not one to hold back, check out some forthright views in this week's Roker Ramble...

Click Here for this week's Roker Ramble

Saturday morning kicked off with our latest column for The Durham Times. This week Dan Williams stood in defence of Giovanni Trapattoni and explained why his tinkering might be good for Sunderland...

Click Here for our latest Durham Times Column

Finally on Saturday we also had a quick roundup of all the Sunderland players to feature in the first part of the international break. There were nearly a dozen away with their countries at various levels, so come and read the most comprehensive coverage around. Possibly...

Click Here for an International Roundup

And that's your lot, now you've just got this. We even had time to bring you plenty of news this week including stuff about our 25-man squad, James McClean being left out of Ireland's squad and which players might be headed out the exit door on loan.

Don't say we don't give you anything, we'll see you all tomorrow for another great week of Roker Reporting!

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