Reports: Sell-On Fee Could Be Holding Up Striker Move

A sell-on fee due to Burnley could be what's driving the price for Steven Fletcher so high.

Guess it's time for your daily dose of Steven Fletcher news - the story that just won't go away and certainly nobody is bored of yet...

Sarcasm aside, there is at least a minor development on any move for the Scottish striker, and that's that there have been reports that a sell-on fee due to Burnley in any transfer, estimated at 15% in some quarters, which could be why Wolves are driving the price for Fletcher so high.

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While the vast majority of Sunderland fans, us included, expect him to move to the Stadium Of Light this summer, the price does have some sections worried. Fees suggested have ranged from anywhere between £8m and £15m for his services, with some fans uncomfortable at the thought of going above the £10-12m range.

Obviously it seems Wolves are looking for £10m+ for their prized forward, after any sell-on fee, therefore they're probably looking for a fee in excess of £12m, which is teetering on being a little steep.

This however could all soon disappear. Burnley are very keen so sign up Sam Vokes from Wolves, whom they had on loan last season. Reports suggest that the striker is also keen on a move to Turf Moor, and negotiations for him hinge on Fletcher moving on.

There seems to be two schools of thought on it. 1) The sell-on fee would be used by Burnley to sign Vokes, or 2) Vokes' transfer to Burnley would negate the sell-on fee. Both deals are probably of equal value, but it depends on how much Burnley want Vokes really. With a windfall of cash they could sign him from Wolves and get a little extra on top.

Either way, it would appear the sell-on fee, if true at 15%, could be pivotal in negotiating a fee for Fletcher, whom Wolves have claimed they are in no rush to sell. Player's have the power these days though as we've experienced first hand with Asamoah Gyan, and if he wants to move he'll force it through some how.

Business could probably be done at around the £10-£12m mark. We'll have to sit tight a while longer to find out if this really is the case though. This looks like it could run and run all summer*

*Which by our track record means he'll probably be signed tomorrow

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