The Week That Was: Here For The Final Time To Buildup To Manchester United

The Week That Was! Every angle of tomorrow's match covered, and then some.

Here we are ladies and gents to get everyone hyped up and ready for this weekends match, for the final time this season. You're wise to come here though, as there's really no better place to come than Roker Report for all your big match buildup. Here's what we have in store...

  • Preview: You'll be wanting to check out our preview. It's got all the team news, some handy betting tips, a bit of music, predictions and a classic relived as we cover the game from every angle you could possibly want. Why not head over now and get right up for this one - CLICK HERE
  • Cult Heroes: This is the feature where we profile someone who shares a connection between us and the opposition, and give them a bit of a shout out for all they did for us. There's only one way to find out who was picked this week though, so go find out - CLICK HERE
  • Fan Focus: This is where we speak to a fan, blogger, journalist or sometimes even a former player of the opposition to get their views on the weekends game. This week we spoke to the excellent Republik Of Mancunia to get their views on Manchester United's season, and this potentially big day - CLICK HERE
  • Podcast: If like many you find reading boring or a challenge, then 1) you've come to the wrong website, or 2) you love our podcast and want to listen to it. Yes, we've the only independent Sunderland podcast around, and here are a multitude of ways to listen to it - CLICK HERE

Where'd you think you're going? We're nowhere near done yet, so here's what else has been happening on Roker Report this week...

Starting on Monday, we brought you some poetry in the regular feature, Roker Rhymes. Our poet laureate Dan Williams steps up with his latest ditty about Fulham, and this weekend...

Click Here for this week's Roker Rhymes

Also on Monday we had a snippet of news when James McClean, John O'Shea and Kieren Westwood were all named in the Ireland squad for the forthcoming Euro's in Poland and Ukraine. Someone to support after England get knocked out I suppose...

Click Here for news on our Irish trio

We also looked back at the Fulham game with Talking Tactics. This is where we cast a tactical eye over the weekends action, and try to generally look at things in a more in depth, clinical manner...

Click Here for Talking Tactics: Fulham (A)

We also had a Top Ten this week. David Boyle chipped in with his Top Ten Season Finales, what with it being the end of the season, it seemed quite fitting to do this this week. To find out who won, and cast your vote, get over to the article right now...

Click Here for the Top Ten Season Finales

This week we also took a little time to speculate on who might leave the club. Many have talked at length, including ourselves, about who might come into the club, it's time we looked at those on the chopping block and see who we might have seen for the final time in red and white...

Click Here to see Who's Facing An Uncertain Summer

We also had a Roker Ramble this week. David Boyle stopped by Roker Report Towers to procrastinate about something or other. I can't really recall what, so like me, get yourself over to it by following this link and see what on earth he's babbling on about...

Click Here for this week's Roker Ramble

Does anyone here recall us making some predictions for the year ahead back in December/January time? Well we've revisited those predictions since some of us are right, and many of us are wrong. Just to try and explain ourselves a little...

Click Here to see Who Got Things Right, And Who Got Them Wrong!

In what's becoming a very busy week, our good friend Captain Fishpaste, aka Michael Graham, simply couldn't keep away from us as he offered up another Captain's Blog. Follow the link below to see what inspired him into such prose this week...

Click Here for this week's Captain's Blog

Lastly we had a little trip down memory lane in a Roker Relives special. We go back to the final day of the 1968 season, where we defeated Manchester United, to hand City the title. Could a repeat be on the cards this weekend?

Click Here for a Roker Relives Special

On Saturday we had our latest Durham Times column, which discusses a bit of Fulham, a bit of Manchester United and our general need for some new strikers this summer...

Click Here for our Durham Times column

And lastly, we also looked at he league table, got our calculators out and worked out all the permutations of coming between 10th and 14th. Which is entirely possible come the end of the game on Sunday...

Click Here for The Permutations Of Finishing Tenth

And that's it for this week. Over the rest of the weekend (aka rest of today) you've got a match report from today's game against Manchester United. There's also been the Roker Roundup each and every week day to bring you various other bits of SAFC news too. Oh and did we mention we'll tell you what we've got in store for next week? Well we just did. Keep your eyes on this site!

My word, we spoil you don't we? Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game tomorrow! Ha'way The Lads!

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