The Roker Roundup: April 3rd 2012 - Gyan's Future Still Anyone's Guess

Someone like new-oooooosssss.

Welcome back everyone for yet another Roker Roundup, the daily roundup of all today's Sunderland AFC news and articles that are actually worth a read, and trust us, from doing this we''ve realised there's a hell of a lot of chaff out there.

Today is April 3rd, and on this day in history in 1971, I can only imagine the disdain of those days' attendance obsessives as just 8,596 fans were at Roker Park to see a brace each from future FA Cup legends Kerr and Hughes guide Sunderland to a 5-1 win over Division Two mid-table rivals Swindon.

Back to more modern, and healthier times, here's today's news...

GhanaWeb is reporting, via the Sunderland Echo, that Asamoah Gyan is open to a move back to the club when his loan deal with Al-Ain expires. It's been reported previously that they've made a bid for him, and expect to sign him, but it looks like it's all up to Asamoah himself where he signs - CLICK HERE

So would we welcome him back to the club in the way that say, Manchester city took back Carlos Tevez recently? Our friends over at Salut Sunderlnad have chipped in with some opinion - CLICK HERE

James McClean recently signed a new long-term deal with the club, but that hasn't stopped the Irish Daily Star speculating that Manchester Untied are waiting with a £12m bid this summer for the wing-star's services. Can't see that happening at all to be honest, but I said the same of Jordan Henderson to Liverpool last year, so what do I know eh? - CLICK HERE

Adding to his long list of potentially daft decisions, Lee Cattermole it to continue playing despite the fact his knee could pop at any moment. I dunno, daft lads eh? - CLICK HERE

Phil Bardsley has hailed his defensive colleagues despite them shipping three goals in the draw with Manchester City this weekend gone. He's backing his compatriots to see us to a top ten finish as the season draws to it's conclusion - CLICK HERE

Sunderland have introduced a new "Rewards Scheme" aiming at offering fans a bunch of incentives. Perhaps the best of all is that you can get tickets to two games for a tenner! Bargain! - CLICK HERE

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