The Roker Roundup: February 27th 2012 - McClean Set For Eire Bow, But Bards Could Be Out

I can feel news, coming in the air tonight... oh looove.

Hello you, welcome back to your nightly news roundup, known round these parts as The Roker Roundup. You know what is is by now, basically we're just reading all the SAFC news of the day and bringing you any bits that are actually worth reading.

So what's been happening today? Today of course being the 27th of February, a date not noted for a great deal in history. The Labour Party was formed in 1900, it's Timothy Spall's birthday, however there was one thing much bigger than all this and it pertains to our beloved SAFC. On this very day in 1973 we defeated Manchester City 3-1 in an FA Cup 5th Round Replay. The game would later go on to be voted the greatest ever seen at Roker Park.

However, let's plonk ourselves back in the present and bring you today's news...

First of all let's talk about Sessegnon. Actually, let's not as the Daily Fail drag up the old chestnut that he's going to Arsenal. Or Tottenham. Or someone. Anyway, there appears to be very little in the story from the award-winning journalist "Sportsmail Reporter" and nothing more than a ploy to help promote the Sunderland only Mail Twitter feed, which is prominently advertised in the article - CLICK HERE

Back to the current day though, and Martin O'Neill was in a reflective mood following the weekend's defeat. He's said that he has no problem if we lose by two or three goals, so long as we are going for it. O'Neill certainly made the personnel changes at half-time to do that, but those on the field couldn't get into things - CLICK HERE

Elsewhere there's a short snippet from Billy Knott on the AFC Wimbledon Official Site. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself, and is looking to continue his loan spell to the end of the season. He also scored this weekend against Crewe Alexandra - CLICK HERE

Potentially bad news for the Tyne-Wear derby which is looming. Phil Bardsley has pulled out of the Scotland squad with a muscle tear. As yet we don't know the severity, but having anything torn, even slightly can't be good news. We'll hope it's just a precaution for now - CLICK HERE

James McClean looks like he'll be having a good week, even if Phil Bardsley isn't. Giovanni Trappatoni has said he's looking to see some fringe players against the Czech Republic on Wednesday, and that would put McClean well in the frame. - CLICK HERE

And in cutting all ties bar fandom, a bit of minor but expected news as Niall Quinn has also stepped down as a trustee of the SAFC Foundation - CLICK HERE

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