FanPost: Most Underrated Goalkeeper In The League?

A lot of the Sunderland fans and pundit alike seem to have one common view on Simon Mignolet. That he is not good enough for us and should be sold to the highest bidder as soon as possible. Well I'm not too sure...

I think he is the best keeper we've had in a while and personally, I would try and keep a hold of him. Fair enough he makes mistakes, which keepers don't? But he's only 24-years old and is, in my opinion no where near his full potential and has still got 10 more years, even more, left.

His saves against West Ham, Arsenal and Wigan were all top class. The save against Kone which kept us in the game in the early stages, his save against Kevin Nolan's bicycle kick and a quality clean sheet performance against Arsenal has made him the best keeper so far this season in the Premier League, in my opinion.

Although his performances seem to be going unnoticed by fans and as said before pundits, it seems O'Neill is one of the few who can see past his few mistakes. After the 'disappointing' performance from the outfield players, O'Neill said this:

"He’s been fantastic for us, absolutely splendid," said O’Neill. "There are parts of his game he wants to improve on, but I tell you he is as brave as a lion. He’s been as good as anyone in the Premier League this season.

"We would have gone two down if it wasn’t for Simon’s saves in the first half. He kept us in the game big time and maybe his work has gone a little unnoticed.

I couldn't agree more with O'Neill there, it comes as no suprise that Ferguson has listed him as a replacement for the homesick De Gea or that AC Milan has targeted Mignolet to replace the ageing Abbiati.

My only hope is by the end of the season, if we do manage to keep a hold of him during the winter transfer window, that his excellent work so far this season and hopefully the rest of the season, will be recongised.

This post comes from @ChrisMagoo73. If you ever feel like chipping in with your own comments, then why not make a FanPost? Anyone can, any time. Just head HERE and the ones we like or think are interesting will get put on the front page!

Are you making a FanPost? Well that's fantastic, just keep it tasteful.

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