The Week That Was: What A Week To Review, Plus FA Cup Preview!

It's everything we've done this week, plus the perfect place to get previewed up for today's FA Cup tie.

I don't really want to oversell it too much, but remember those "Seven Days That Shook..." programs that were on BBC Two or something? this could easily have been the week that shook Sunderland. Both figuratively and literally following Ji Dong-Won's late goal against Manchester City!

Anyway, here's our little round up of what's happened on our site this week, and a little more, but first of all, there's today's game with Peterborough United to look at, and here's your essential preview...

  • Cult Heroes: David Boyle's quest to cover the great and good who played for us and played for the opposition has lead him to the ginger-haired defender David Corner. Yes, the Milk Cup wasn't his finest moment, but he wore the shirt with pride. Either way, you'll have to read to find out more, so CLICK HERE to do so.
  • Preview: There's no better place to get previewed up for the game and that starts with us looking at the projected line-ups, some betting, some music and even some history looked at in Classic Encounters. Get yourself ready for the big day by CLICKING HERE.
  • Fan Focus: I don't know how much you know about Peterborough, but barring going down for an away game in the mid-90's I know next to nothing. Luckily we have the Fan Focus feature where we find out all about our opposition, so this one came in as handy for us as it will you. CLICK HERE to have a read.
  • Podcast: There's always the Podcast too if you can't be bothered with all that reading, so FOLLOW THIS LINK to get yourself subscribed to the award-nominated, only SAFC Podcast by fans, for fans. This week covered all manner of things, although I'm sure you'll find that out by hitting the link.

That's all your essential links, but what follows is even more stuff, including some more FA Cup related shenanigans, so be sure to check these mothers out...

Right, here's some FA Cup stuff for you. We start with a little contribution from Michael Graham. He's looked at how things have panned out when we're the favourite and why we shouldn't get all that carried away with things...

Click Here To Read "Sunderland And The Madness Of The FA Cup"

If you've been living under a rock, we won the FA Cup in 1973. It was quite famous, and we're pretty proud of it. It was however a long time ago, before even the internet for your young whippersnaps, so to bring things up to day, Dan Williams took on the challenge of doing a minute-by-minute account of the game, so come and get involved...

Click Here For A Retro Minute By Minute Of The 1973 Cup Final

Alright, so back into the real world for a bit, there were some matches played recently, and what belters they were. We'll start with all things Manchester City, and to kick you off our match report...

Click Here For Manchester City Match Report

Which is always swiftly followed by Talking Tactics, the feature in which we look at stats, formations and everything else which contributed to making the game what it is...

Click Here For Talking Tactics: Manchester City

There wasn't much time to dwell on things as Wigan Athletic were on the horizon, so be sure to check out David Boyle's tribute of sorts to Titus Bramble in this week's Cult Heroes section...

Click Here For Cult Heroes: Titus Bramble

And as we have done for every match this season, there was both a match report and a Talking Tactics to follow it, so here they are...

Click Here For Wigan Match Report

Click Here For Talking Tactics: Wigan

There was also time to drop in some other stuff too, Dan Williams bobbed his head in to have a ramble this week about Twitter, and how whilst it can be a very useful resource for finding out the latest and breaking news, it also has a much darker side where scrupulous rumours spread like wildfire.

Click Here To Read The Roker Ramble

Now then, to hark back to the Man City game slightly for a moment, you may have noticed a very bizarre cartoon of the game appearing on the internet about it shortly after the game. I don't speak Korean and couldn't understand it, but thankfully we turned to someone who can, and they provided a sterling account of some very, very bizarre comic...

Click Here For Ji Dong-Won, Unnoticed Love and A Taste Of Lemons

We even made time for a Top Ten, this week, with the January transfer window well and truly open (I wish someone would shut it with all the wind) we looked at some of SAFC's longest standing rumoured transfers that just never came to be for one reason or another...

Click Here To Read The Top Ten Transfers That Never Were

And lastly, we even had time to get our creative heads on and design up some new t-shirts. One based on Martin O'Neill, the other on Ji Dong-Won's now legendary goal against Man City. Or rather the commentary from Martin Tyler...

Click Here To Have A Gander At Our New Tee's

Plus it was announced on Friday that our glorious leader Martin O'Neill scooped the Premier League Manager Of The Month Award for December 2011. We took time to thank him...

Click Here To Read Martin O'Neill: Manager Of The Month

Last, but by no means least, Chris Weatherspoon popped in to provide us with our latest column from The Durham Times. A fine publication, so start buying it every Friday, then you won't have to wait until the weekend when we publish it.

Click Here For Our Latest Durham Times Column

And that's it for a week in the land of Roker Report. I'm sure you'll agree that's quite a bounty of SAFC related goodness to be getting on with. If you need a break though from all that, I'd highly recommend you check out this article from the world famous In Bed With Maradona site...

Dario Dubois: Heavy Metal Maestro

That really is your lot. Now go enjoy yourself, and Party With Marty.

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