Fan Focus: Bolton Wanderers (A) Post-Match Views

BOLTON, ENGLAND - MAY 07: Jussi Jaaskelainen of Bolton Wanderers reacts during the Barclays Premier League match between Bolton Wanderers and Sunderland at Reebok Stadium on May 7, 2011 in Bolton, England. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)

Well we were lucky enough to catch up with our Bolton Wanderers fan this weekend before she got too angry and gave us an earful! Yes, we're back once again with Emma Norris, Bolton fan, and writer for Shoot Magazine & The Daily Prem covering her beloved team.

Here's her thoughts on what was a brilliant game for us, and probably neutrals, although not for Bolton fans.

Got to say, it's much nicer to ask the questions when on the winning side, now lets see how Bolton felt after the game...

Well then, it’s usually me feeling down after a game, so this makes a change... What’s the reaction like from the Bolton fans?

Emma: We're a bit shocked really. I think everybody, myself included, expected us to win the game quite comfortably, so the result was definitely unexpected. I thought when we pulled it back to level terms we'd possibly go on and grab all three points, which we nearly did had Davo's header not been headed off the line. I suppose at the end of the day though we probably didn't do enough to get the win - I think a draw would have been fair.

Our first goal, possibly a foul on Chung Yong Lee, not that I’m complaining mind! Was it the turning point in the game?

Emma: Most definitely. Up to then, it had been a pretty average half, a few chances at either end but nothing massive. I'll be the first to say that the referee wasn't fantastic today - him and his assistants made quite a few dubious decisions from our point of view. I hate to blame referees but I'd say Mr Friend gave you a helping hand on your way to victory!

Everybody assumed that Zenden was offside too, but I've since been told this wasn't the case. We still should've dealt with it, regardless of the definite foul that wasn't given to us. With it happening on the stroke of half time, it's always difficult to bounce back in the second half.

I was taken aback by how well we played though to be honest, I didn’t see us getting a result at all. What did you make of Sunderland’s performance?

Emma: I'll be honest and give you your dues as much as it pains me - you did play quite well. You barely allowed our boys space and took advantage of Muamba and Gardner's many mistakes. I hope you don't expect too much from me as I'm still a very bitterly disappointed Bolton fan, but you deserved something out of the game - whether or not it was three points I beg to differ!

Who was your man of the match for each side?

Emma: It's pretty hard to pick one from our lot, but if I had to chose I'd probably go for Chung-Yong Lee. He never fails to give anything but 100% in a game, as he did today. For you, I'll go for Zenden. He rattled our cage, with many Bolton fans still bitter about the Carling Cup penalty fiasco of 2004. We've never quite forgiven him for that!

I noticed in our pre-match chat you singled out Muntari as one to watch. On the QT I scoffed at that a little, shows how much I know! I hope you had money on it at least!...

Emma: Ha! I didn't sadly. I told you - players who struggle to score will always score against us! Admittedly, I think it's been awarded to Zat Knight in the end but he did the leg work for your winner.

Where now for Bolton, can they finish 7th as you so badly crave?

Emma: I think that dream is well and truly over after Everton beat Manchester City. The gap is now five points, they've got a superior goal difference and we've got Blackpool away and Manchester City at home in our final two games... I'd be ecstatic just to finish top ten now if I'm honest! I'm just so disappointed that we've allowed the season to end so poorly - I really thought we'd give it a good go right to the final day. In my mind though, our season ended when we lost Stuart Holden to injury - we just haven't been the same since.

What about our lot, we’re suddenly dreaming of the top ten once again, which is always dangerous... Do you think we can do it?

Emma: Seeing as you've got two relegation threatened teams in Wolves and West Ham, I wouldn't count your chickens quite yet. I think you could possibly nick tenth but you'll have to work very hard to do so! It's getting very tight around mid table lately!

Thanks very much for your time Emma, speak to you again next season!

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