A Little Rhyme FOUR All You Sunderland Fans

Wow. We finally did it. Following months of doom and gloom, I actually have a win to rhyme about. Thank you footballing Gods, you've owed us this for quite a while...

So we finally did it, got the monkey off our back,
And I'm pretty sure that performance, has saved Brucey from the sack.
But my word what a game it was, well, the first half not included,
Even though we lost more men, from our squad of walking wounded.

Bardo went down early on, took a bump from big old Ned,
And it didn't look good for the super Scot, with Onuoha's bonce made out of lead.
Then we lost Danny, his hamstring took him out,
Leaving us only with Gyan, to provide forward clout.

But we were battling well, had the game in our grasp,
Wigan had other ideas, Diame made up gasp.
With a 30-yard screamer, sailed into the net,
It was tough to concede, and defeat looked a good bet.

Saturday though was different, our heads didn't go down,
And the lads showed a passion, to drag us out of the brown.
First up was Asamoah, his most crucial goal yet?
It opened the floodgates, thank you, Baby Jet.

And then things got strange, but we aren't ones to moan,
That the Stadium of Light, resembled the Twilight Zone.
As Gyan went down injured, we had no strikers fit,
But Sess' did step foward, and did more than his bit.

First up though was Hendo', looking class on the right,
Proving he has the mettle, and he's up for the fight.
He played a tidy little ball in, took the return on his chest,
And smashed it past the keeper, kissed his shirt on the crest.

Wigan may feel hard done by, that the next was a pen,
But if you take into account, we're the unluckiest of men.
So Sess' did his business, stuck the ball in the goal,
And top ten was back on, we're no longer in a hole.

Another quick counter, saw us take the tally to four,
Jordan's second goal, the crowd were wanting more.
But we let Wigan have a bit of fun, feeling sorry for them a bit,
So Di Santo tucked in their second, the cheeky little git.

So there we have it Steve, the best thing for us to do,
Is to never play a frontman, their scoring record's poo.
Sessegnon was a joy to watch, when up front on his own,
Muntari, Catts and Hendo, all helped to set the tone.

And in the space of a few days, we've turned it all around,
The relief, delight and joy, could be seen all round the ground.
And next up we play Fulham, don't know which injured players will be in,
But balls to it, we're safe now, let's go all out for the win!

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